Digital Noise Episode 76: It Was The Best of Titles, It Was The Worst of Titles


Richard and Chris got handed a full plate of extremes this week. Like extremely great, as in our giveaway The Guest, and as in extremely shit, as in what’s left of our brains after having to watch The Brittany Murphy Story. Why do we do this to ourselves? So we get to take home awesome stuff like The Guest and Get On Up…BOTH OF WHICH, btdubya, are our GIVEAWAYS this week.

And no…it’s not enough to get just the Blu-rays…each comes with a prize package set. Oh boy, is this one episode you’re not gonna want to miss. Listen and win!!!

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Elsa and Fred Bluray Review   Equalizer Bluray Review   Reach Me DVD Review

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Brittany Murphy Story DVD Review   Tusk Bluray Review   Horns Bluray Review

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Get On Up Bluray Review   The Guest Bluray Review



1) Follow @oneofusnet on Twitter

2) Tweet at us with the answer to this hypothetical: Which actor would you like to see play which musician in a future biopic?

3) Add #GetOnUpGiveaway

4) We’ll select our favorite answer and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).



1) Follow @oneofusnet on Twitter

2) Tweet at us with the answer to this hypothetical: What film or property would you like to see Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett reboot, remake, etc?

3) Add #GuestGiveaway

4) We’ll select our favorite answer and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).


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745 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 76: It Was The Best of Titles, It Was The Worst of Titles”

  1. Haven’t listened yet (at work), but re: movie about musician… Hear that Johnny Depp was connected to biopic about Syn Barrett (of Pink Floyd). Is that real or just rumour?

    1. We did not. I don’t think we had a particular attachment to Saved by the Bell so we didn’t care that much. Also, they didn’t offer us a copy.

  2. I know that I’m not going to win this weeks giveaway because I Am Canadian (seriously what do you have against us haha just joking… sorry eh.), and I’m not about to make up a Twitter account just for this, but my answer for the #GUESTGIVEAWAY, even though I haven’t seen it or any of their other films, would be SUSPERIA!! I think it’d be perfect. Now give me my prize, please. 🙂

  3. The Michael Madsen TV series is called Vengeance Unlimited.

    Another great thing about The Equalizer series is the theme song is by Stewart Copeland.

  4. I really wanted Kevin Smith to get his shit together for something just once. I’m a huge fan of his early stuff, to the point where Mallrats is usually on my top five list of movies at all times, but holy shit did he just jump on the suck train and ride it into the ground at some point. I listen to his Hollywood Babble-On show because he takes a back seat for once, and I had to skip the episode right after Tusk released in theater because he wouldn’t stop bitching about how the critics hated it.

  5. I remember Kevin Smith was on an episode of How Did This Get Made? (great podcast, BTW) where he was talking with the other hosts about WILD WILD WEST, and instead of talking about the movie and making fun of it like he was supposed to do, he instead just talked about how the producer of that movie approached him to write the next Superman movie. 10% of the episode was about WILD WILD WEST, 90% of it was Kevin Smith talking about himself like he always fucking does. That’s Kevin Smith in a nutshell: humble on the outside, raging egomaniac who will take his movies away from critics when they give them a bad review on the inside. I stood by him through CLERKS 2, but no longer can I defend him.

    And great show as always! We are here for you, Chris!

  6. the new skin is cool and i am sure it has something to do with the BTTF but i wanted to make sure the theme matched my conclusions. either way cool stuff and great show

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