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Digital Noise Episode 75: Blunder Cover

If brevity is the soul of wit, than this week’s batch of Digital Noise titles is collectively the home entertainment representation of Oscar Wilde. Brian and Richard dig through a very small, but at times very infuriating batch of films in this, the first DN of 2015.

Join “The Two Brian’s” on a Trip to Italy that also takes them to a Sanatorium and into outer space! Ok, they don’t actually go to space, but we thought that was A Good Lie, much like the cover art for A Good Lie is a lie. As a special bonus, this episode includes a segment in which Chris Cox and guest host Matt Frank review, oh yes, the latest My Little Pony Equestria Girls release!

Stick around for the end and find out how you can get your hands on a mystery grab bag! On second thought, we’ll just send it to the winner…KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR MYSTERY BAGS!

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DN Grab Bag


1) Follow @oneofusnet on Twitter

2) Tweet at us with the answer to this hypothetical: Pick a celebrity and tell us what their 2015 New Year’s resolution SHOULD be.

3) Add #MysteryGiveaway

4) We’ll select our favorite answer and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).

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