Ask Your Questions to The British Bodcast.

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As you may know (and if you don’t yet, pay attention, dammit) has been very pleased and honored to present our international series of podcasts, The World of UScast. Currently our international brand features shows from Japan (Wayward Podcast), Hong Kong (Dystopian Present) and Britain (The British Bodcast). These podcasts are made up of long-time fans of oneofus and the family of websites that evolved out of the departed We’re always looking for more countries to be represented as well, so if you’re a fan, have or are willing to buy some half-way decent recording equipment, and live in a country not currently represented by the World of UScast, drop Chris a line at and maybe you can join the family of’s podcast network!

Now, this post in particular is directed to you folks who listen to, and those who should really try listening to, our British podcast. Duke and Kia are experienced geeks and podcasters (they even have their own site at and are coming up on their sixteenth podcast for our site. What they’d like is to start involving you, the listener, in directing their content. Please submit your questions, comments, and requests for Duke and Kia right here in this page’s comment section. They’d love to interact with you and find out what you want to know from our geeky friends on the other side of the pond.




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