Ant-Man’s First Redeemable Trailer

Many comic fans have been curious about Ant-Man, the second Marvel film set to be released this summer. After numerous script changes and a change of director, many worried how the production was shaping-up. With the release of Ant-Man’s first trailer, it seems that those initial worries (at least for now) look to be unfounded. Thankfully, the trailer is now at a watchable size for viewing.



At first, the trailer seems to be fairly serious with Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglas) somber narration about the people needing a hero, an Ant-Man. The mood immediately shifts to a more comedic one after Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is visibly questioning the overall seriousness of Pym’s demeanor, letting the audience know which side he falls on when it comes to this superhero business. The bit at the end is also quite telling in regard to Ant-Man’s overall tone, with Lang expressing disappointment with the name of his costumed alter-ego.

What about you reader? Are you impressed by Marvel’s first trailer for Ant-Man? Still worried about the upheavals that plagued the film early on? Let us know in the comments below!

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