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Somebody Likes It Ep 23 – LCD Soundsystem: “Sound of Silver”

This week we took on LCD Soundsystem and Ryan and I disagreed a lot.

But I’m WAAAAAAYYYYY less interested in that discussion than I am in what we listened to and talked about during A Few Minutes With.

My good friend Matt Munoz joined us in Mark’s garage for our weekly fun times. Seeing as how Matt was the guest we politely decided to let him pick the song for the intermission. Matt thoughtfully picked ShanDozia and his epic R&B Ballad “Pink Pannies”. See, Matt used to work for Warner Brothers records and apparently at one point they noticed their R&B Catalog was a little weak, so they brought on ShanDozia. Quincy Jones and whole lot of heavy hitters seem to have been involved. You know, just listen to the show, Matt explains it a lot better than I can. And when you are done, please get on the internet and google that shit, cause your life is empty until you hear the full version of “Pink Pannies”.


Next Show: It’s a little bit of a surprise but I will say that Kevin is back! So that’s fun. Happy Holidays and shit.




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