Somebody Likes It Ep 22 – Camper Van Beethoven: “Key Lime Pie”

Camper Van Beethoven. Well who the fuck knew? I had heard stuff before, but in my head they had kind of defined the mid-80’s “let’s throw everything at the wall, and fuck it, let’s try and be funny at the same time” ethos I found so spread all over the place during that period of time. But this damn album, Key Lime Pie, got my attention. It didn’t feel like one long Dead Milkmen song, it was BEAUTIFUL. Even if Mark broke the rules by putting up an album he knew very well, it was fine by me, cause the rest of us didn’t, and we all walked away better people having heard it.

AND! I snuck in some Corinne Bailey Rae… Phil (making another awesome guest appearance) had a lot to add to that discussion…


See you guys next week…we’re tackling an LCD Snoresystem album…and something about some “Pink Pannies”…hmmm…talk soon.


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