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Public Axis #100: Live at Blind Tiger

Bad Beans Borgman! Incredible Finds! How to Be Funny! A celebratory Public Axis – our 100th episode – live from the Blind Tiger Comedy Club! Pleased as Punch!

Recorded live at the Blind Tiger Comedy Club on December 5th, 2014.

00:00 OUR 100th EPISODE!  For this special edition of Public Axis, we bring the show in front of a live audience at the Blind Tiger Comedy Club. We packed the underground crawlspace with eager listeners and curious bystanders – and the results were tremendous! Please enjoy this magical evening as if you were actually there!

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20:03 Yeah, Imma Look Into Dat! Topic #1: A scraggly, yet friendly, bearded man knocks on your front door and asks to come in for food and a bath. Do you let him in and why/why not? (Inspired by the Dutch film, Borgman.)

42:34  Dad’s Corner(ed)!  Topic #2: What is the best thing you have ever found?

1:08:06 Hey, That’s Not Funny!  But what is!? For Topic #3: Give us a tip on how to be funnier or how to be funny in genreal. Inspired by this PhD expert advice.

1:41:41 What Did We Come to Know? Public Axis is an educational program and at the end, we always ask our guests and listeners, “What did you come to know?” Enlighten yourself.

THANK YOU ALL SO MJCH for listening – whether you’ve followed us from Episode 0 or just caught on now. We’re looking forward to delivering 100 more. Let your friends know about Public Axis on Facebook and Twitter and keep those Facebook comments coming at our Happy Campers group!