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Inside The Locker ‘Peter Pan Live’ Live Pan

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Normally, when those fantastic sports nerds of Inside the Locker host a live commentary, it’s for something sports-ball-y. This week however, the guys are doing something they’ve never never done before.

Tomorrow night, right here on OneOfUs.Net, Brian, J.C., Elliott, and Adam “Beef Nuggets” Charles will be providing a live play-by-play breakdown of NBC’s Peter Pan Live! Starring Allison Williams as The Boy Who Never Grew Up and none other than Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.

Join us back here on this post tomorrow night at 7pm CST for all the high-flying, tap-dancing, swashbuckling mayhem. We’re not automatically assuming Peter Pan Live will be bad, but how could we pass up the chance to call this our Peter Pan Live Live Pan?


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