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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Foxcatcher’

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Remember when Steve Carell made you laugh? As a Daily Show pundit and then during his legendary stint on the American version of The Office? Remember how he became one of the most beloved faces in television?

Well you better forget that shit right the fuck now!

Foxcatcher is the latest film from Bennet Miller (Moneyball) who is once again approaching a sports story from an unusual angle. But don’t go thinking Foxcatcher is going to make you feel romantic about wrestling the way Moneyball did about baseball. This is a dark, bleak, wholly unnerving film headed by a scary immersive performance from Carell himself.

The Unusual Suspects strap on their jockstraps and step into the squared circle to grapple with this contender for Oscar gold. Brian, Chris, J.C., and Elliott soar through this review like a flock of golden eagles. This is the Highly Suspect Review that America needs. Not the one it wants or needs, but the one…look, just listen to it ok?



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