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Fantastic Crossovers Four The Next X-Men Movie

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Of all the crossover movies that film fans are eagerly anticipating, it’s hard to say that the recently leaked X-Men/Fantastic Four movie is one of them. For those unaware, the massive email leak that has plagued a number of film studios, most notably Sony, revealed a ridiculous amount of information for upcoming projects, including a number of superhero films. One of the projects in development is a crossover between 20th Century Fox’s current incarnation of the X-Men and newly rebooted Fantastic Four.

Despite the widespread misgivings in the comic community about the potential crossover, that doesn’t seem to have stopped fan speculation about the possible stories the film might attempt to adapt. After Fox’s success with X-Men: Days of Future Past, a loose adaptation of the comic of the same name, it would make sense for the studio to look to other popular comic book storylines featuring either the X-Men or Fantastic Four. So, in an effort to be a little positive about the announcement (leak), I present five comic storylines that would work well to feature both of the popular teams.

Days of Future Present


If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. X-Men: Days of Future Past became Fox’s highest grossing X-Men film, and the idea of creating another X-Men movie set in the Sentinel-laden future that also stars some members of the Fantastic Four is something that they might be willing to try. During the future events of Days of Future Past, Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Susan Richards, falls in love with Rachel Summers, the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey. They, along with the surviving members of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, battle against the mutant-hunting Sentinels who have been enslaving humans and mutants for decades. The series is probably best known for the introduction of the Cajun-accented thief, Gambit.

While the book has a strong start, it sadly goes off the rails rather quickly due to the numerous problems that plagued comics during the 1990s (countless deaths/resurrections, overly muscled bodies, random pouches etc.) Still, the book does present a connection between the X-Men and Fantastic Four through Franklin and Rachel’s relationship. If a film adaptation were made, it would also allow further exploration of the future reality in Days of Future Past. I’ll take more scenes of superheroes battling those morphing-Sentinels, please.

The Galactus Trilogy


First of all, Galactus is not a giant cloud. He’s actually a giant god-like colossus that wears a really big purple hat. Why anyone would think a cloud is better than a giant man with a love of purple clothes is beyond me, but such was the case with Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer. An X-Men/Fantastic Four movie offers Fox a second chance to correctly portray the Galactus that Marvel fans all know and love, and the best way to do that is by adapting Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s The Galactus Trilogy. The three-part series not only introduced the Devourer of Worlds, but also his herald, the Silver Surfer

While the X-Men were not present during the Fantastic Four’s first confrontation with Galactus, it wouldn’t be hard to believe they would want to have some role in stopping a world eating super being. So many standalone superhero films tend to exist in their own worlds, but with an entire planet at the mercy of a demi-god, a team-up among superheroes to stop a threat like that makes more sense than not.

E Is for Extinction


The first X-Men storyline written by Grant Morrison, E for Extinction follows the X-Men in their attempt to stop a new enemy named Cassandra Nova, a parasitic life-form that delights in mass murder and genocide. Planning to use a new army of Sentinels created by Donald Trask, Nova wishes to exterminate the entire mutant population on the planet, staring with the mutant haven, Genosha. The events were so staggering that they’re still felt to this day in many X-Men stories.

No, the Fantastic Four do not appear in the book, but the threat of global annihilation of an entire race would most certainly prompt some type of reaction from Marvel’s First Family. The film could also put a significant focus on Charles Xavier and Mr. Fantastic as they battle Nova intellectually. The two heroes are often overshadowed by their more popular teammates and allowing them to take center stage while engaging in a battle of wits with the villain could be both different and refreshing in a comic book movie.

Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men


Yeah, the title isn’t exactly original, but Fantastic Four vs. X-Men is another story that could be mined for ideas. The story follows the X-Men as they attempt to say save the life of Kitty Pryde, who is slowly dying of a disease caused by her phasing powers. Turning to the Fantastic Four for help, they’re stunned that Richards is unable to help her and later turn to Dr. Doom who offers a possible medical treatment.

The book is hardly worth reading in all honesty, but it does offer a nugget of an idea that could work for a movie. Perhaps instead of just Kitty dying from a disease, the entire mutant community is being overwhelmed by some unknown virus. Xavier appeals to medical researchers across the planet and Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom heed that call. This could set-up some nefarious plot where Doom uses the antidote/virus for his own benefit, while pitting the X-Men and Fantastic Four against one another.

House of M


After suffering a psychotic breakdown, Scarlett Witch, the daughter of Magneto, warps time and reality to create a new world where the dominant species on Earth are mutants. Humans and mutants alike serve Magneto’s globe spanning empire. Many of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains now live idyllic lives in this mutant “utopia.” Magneto has finally achieved mutant superiority over humanity; Spider-Man is married to Gwen Stacy and has a child; Doctor Strange lives a quiet life as psychologist; Wolverine is an operative of SHIELD; and Dr. Doom is a well-respected world leader.

Now, the film will obviously be unable to showcase many of the heroes due to the numerous rights issues, but the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom could fill the role of the human resistance fighters opposed to Magneto’s House of M in the original comic. This could set-up a confrontation between the X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants and Fantastic Four all in one movie.  Not only will the film be dealing with the idea of alternate realities and times, a concept proved to be very popular with X-Men: Days of Future Past, but it would offer yet another chance for Fox to showcase Quicksilver, a character who plays a major role as Scarlett Witch’s brother in House of M. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Magneto go up against Dr. Doom?

What about you reader? Do you think an X-Men/Fantastic Four movie is a good idea? What comic storylines featuring both teams would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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