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Five Daredevil Stories That Need to be Adapted

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With Netflix’s Daredevil recently wrapping filming of its first season, speculation is through the roof of what popular stories from the comic were adapted. While fans might have an idea what the show will probably cover during the first several episodes, many people are wondering what comic storylines would work best for Daredevil’s first and future seasons. Below, you can find five stories that could possibly take center stage in Daredevil’s newest live-action series.


The Man Without Fear

Daredevil Man Without Fear

Originally pitched as a screenplay for a feature film, Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.’s 1993 story, The Man Without Fear, not only covered the rise of Daredevil as one of New York City’s greatest heroes, but also delved into Matt Murdock’s deeply troubled psyche and personal issues.

The story covers Murdock’s blinding by toxic chemicals and the death of his farther by order of Wilson Fisk aka “The Kingpin.” It also goes into Murdock’s teenage years and his training with Stick, a blind martial artist and former assassin. Readers also get a chance to see Daredevil’s early interactions with Foggy Nelson and the very beautiful/psychotic Elektra.

Since the story’s publication, The Man Without Fear has been looked at as the definitive take on Daredevil’s origin story. If the Netflix series is looking to reintroduce a live action-version of Murdock, while keeping with the original gritty tone established in the comics, then an adaptation of The Man Without Fear is an absolute must. Plus, with the number of images circulating online with Daredevil wearing the same black costume first introduced in Miller’s story, it’s more than obvious that the first season is adapting material from the popular storyline.



Brian Michael Bendis’ run on Daredevil is considered to be one of the best in all of comics. Revitalizing interest in Daredevil and the seedy criminal underbelly of Hell’s Kitchen, Bendis managed to incorporate many of Miller’s original characters and stories, while turning Daredevil’s life and world completely on its head. The first of his many successful stories during his multi-year run included Underboss, and dealt with the idea of what would happen if Wilson Fisk was deposed as The Kingpin of Crime. Short version, it doesn’t lead to anything good.

Picking up sometime after Kevin Smith’s Guardian Devil, a gangster by the name of Sammy Silke plans and latter carries out an assassination attempt against the Kingpin. Believing the Kingpin to be dead, Silke and a handful of the Kingpin’s lieutenants attempt to take control of New York while dealing with Daredevil, who they know to be Matt Murdock.

It was also the first time that Vanessa Fisk, the recently divorced wife of the Kingpin, was depicted as a cold blooded and calculating criminal mastermind. Even though her relationship with her former husband was left in tatters after years of resentment and anger, there was enough love between them that Vanessa would actively seek vengeance against Wilson’s assassins.

Born Again


First of all, an adaptation of Born Again should not be attempted until several season of the show have already been completed. As Daredevil fans know, this story relies heavily on years of material that cover the complexity of Daredevil and Wilson Fisk’s complicated relationship.

For those that don’t know, Born Again is as much about Daredevil as it is about the Kingpin. After learning that Daredevil and Matt Murdock are one in the same from a heroin addicted Karen Page, the Kingpin systematically destroys every aspect of Daredevil’s life. His job as a defense attorney, home and relationship with a number of his close personal friends become play things of Fisk, who takes absolute glee in witnessing Murdock’s life spiral out of control.

The story is known for hardly featuring a costumed Daredevil, instead focusing on Murdock‘s degenerating state and investigation into the source of his misfortune. An entire season of Netflix’s series can be focused on Born Again and the fallout from the story.



Taking place immediately after the events of Underboss, the story of Out deals with Daredevil’s secret identity as Matt Murdock being released to the press. Years of material gathered by the Kingpin on Daredevil’s alter-ego are up for grabs for the tabloid media of the Marvel Universe. Not only does Murdock’s life change for the worst, but he realizes just how dangerous his life and the lives of his friends can be with an entire city filled with gangsters and supervillains knowing his address and phone number.

Out also features a number of Daredevil’s super powered friends. Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage all come to Murdock’s aid as his entire life crumbles around him in the comic. The story also features appearances by Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange and Captain America. While Spidey and Reed Richards are unlikely to ever appear in the show, a cameo by Benedict Cumberbatch as the Master of Mysticism or even Chris Evans as Cap would be pretty exciting.

My Story


Daredevil’s success as an award-winning series can be attributed to many things. You have Daredevil himself, the character’s relationship with the Kingpin and Murdock’s ridiculously complicated love-life. One of the chief successes that seems to be constantly overlooked however is the comic’s strong supporting cast of characters. While the focus of a comic is usually centered on the hero, it’s always nice to see what goes one in the lives of Daredevil’s friends and enemies. My Story does just that, and it provides a look into the life of Daily Bugle Reporter Ben Urich, one of Daredevil’s most steadfast allies.

During his Elektra Saga, Miller dedicated an entire issue of Daredevil to Urich, and told the story completely from the reporter’s own perspective. Even though Daredevil writers Bendis and Ed Brubaker have since followed with their own Ben Urich centered stories, Miller was the first to give the character his due. The story follows Urich as he begins to uncover a connection between the popular New York mayoral candidate Randolph Cherryh and The Kingpin. Readers learn about Urich’s career at The Daily Bugle, his family life, process of undercover reporting and protectiveness of Daredevil’s secret identity. The bespectacled reporter is written as a caring, but pragmatic individual.  He’s the kind of person who wants to be the altruistic reporter, but realizes that in a world of assassins, mobsters and supervillains threatening the lives of his friends and family, that his altruism will eventually cost him more than he’s willing to give up.

At least one episode dedicated to Urich is a must for the Netflix series. Not only will it strengthen the show’s already impressive supporting cast, but showing a reporter’s role and perspective in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would present yet another untouched viewpoint.

What do you think reader? Any Daredevil stories that you think are deserving of being adapted for the Netflix series? Let us know in the comments below!

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