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Digital Noise Episode 74: The Devil and Michael Bay

Here at Digital Noise, sometimes we run into a T.M.N.T. problem: Too Many Negligible Titles. However, we do our very best to find the merits in this week’s pile of frustrating nonsense.

For every terrible flick with an embarrassingly deceptive DVD cover (The Device), we sing the praises of a solid family dramedy (This Is Where I Leave You). For every giant blockbuster atrocity (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), we tell you why you should be watching smart, affecting sci-fi TV shows (Extant and Continuum). We even giveaway a film that, you know, like won prizes and stuff at Sundance (Skeleton Twins).

As a special bonus in this episode, listen to a snippet from the lost Grumpy Cat Christmas commentary we recorded last week. Sadly, technology (or, I don’t know, maybe aliens) swallowed up the majority of that commentary, but you can still hear a sample during that review. Enjoy!

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TMNT Bluray Review   This Is Where I Leave You Bluray Review   Grumpy Cats Worst Christmas Ever DVD Review

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The Device DVD Review   Devils Hand DVD Review   At The Devils Door Bluray Review

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Extant Season 1 Bluray Review   Stonehearst Asylum Bluray Review   Continuum Season 3 Bluray Review

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Skeleton Twins Bluray Review

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