Digital Noise Episode 74: The Devil and Michael Bay


Here at Digital Noise, sometimes we run into a T.M.N.T. problem: Too Many Negligible Titles. However, we do our very best to find the merits in this week’s pile of frustrating nonsense.

For every terrible flick with an embarrassingly deceptive DVD cover (The Device), we sing the praises of a solid family dramedy (This Is Where I Leave You). For every giant blockbuster atrocity (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), we tell you why you should be watching smart, affecting sci-fi TV shows (Extant and Continuum). We even giveaway a film that, you know, like won prizes and stuff at Sundance (Skeleton Twins).

As a special bonus in this episode, listen to a snippet from the lost Grumpy Cat Christmas commentary we recorded last week. Sadly, technology (or, I don’t know, maybe aliens) swallowed up the majority of that commentary, but you can still hear a sample during that review. Enjoy!

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TMNT Bluray Review   This Is Where I Leave You Bluray Review   Grumpy Cats Worst Christmas Ever DVD Review

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The Device DVD Review   Devils Hand DVD Review   At The Devils Door Bluray Review

Empty Space

Extant Season 1 Bluray Review   Stonehearst Asylum Bluray Review   Continuum Season 3 Bluray Review

Empty Space

Skeleton Twins Bluray Review

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2) Tweet at us with the answer to this hypothetical: What two actors do you think should be cast as twins in a movie? Points deducted if you mention Schwarzenegger and Devito.

3) Add #TwinsGiveaway

4) We’ll select our favorite answer and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).




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592 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 74: The Devil and Michael Bay”

    1. I was DVRing the show and I couldn’t get into it either. It was far too slow and didn’t seem to go anywhere. I asked on io9 & social media if it would be worth watching the whole season and I got a resounding NO. From Chris’s endorsement I’ll give the show another shot if it’s on Netflix streaming.

  1. I love Continuum is one of my favorite science fiction shows and I glad to hear Chris you really dug it and I hope your glowing recommendation of the show attracts more people to watch it.

  2. The action figure Chris was talking about was probably Captain Action – the Spider-man outfit was one of many characters the Captain could become (he also had costumes for Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Sgt. Fury, Captain America, The Phantom, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, Flash Gordon, Steve Canyon and Tonto) and was a fairly popular Ideal Toy Company answer to Hasbro’s GI Joe action figure.

    My younger brother had the original figure plus a number of the outfits as well as Captain Action’s kid sidekick – Action Boy (who could be outfitted as Robin, Aqualad and Superboy). Since the original figure came out in the 60’s (I’m up there in years) I’m assuming that Chris is referring to a later knockoff of the original toy.

    1. I did not receive the Captain Action toy, I received the Mego figure which was the first Spider-Man figure sold that wasn’t an add-on to another figure.

  3. I watched most of the first season of Continuum, loved it. For some unknown reason I stopped watching for a while and haven’t watched it since. I think I’m going to start up again today.

    1. Same here about continuum. After they walked away from the future,which was awesome, i lost interest about the present.

      1. See, I never lost interest. I simply stopped watching and always meant to return to it. It was probably busy and it got lost in the shuffle of work, life, and shows I think are a bit better. It is the best sci fi on tv right now, imo. I liked it more than Almost Human.

  4. You guys are right we do want movies to be good, hey if a movie is entertaining than it’s entertaining.

  5. Jean-François Martel

    I liked At The Devil’s door, but i did because of the Q&A with the director after having seen the movie. It was the same thing with the director’s previous movie, The Pact. He has an issue with taking out bits of informations from his script/movie that turn out to be necessary for the comprehension of the movie as a whole. He needs to be a little less vague with what he wants to say and do because it massively hurts his movies… Also the Shell Game would have been a great title for this movie.

    Also a script editor, he would need a script editor.

  6. The whole corporations completely running cities and stuff you mentioned when you talked about Continuum has actually already started happening in Honduras. They’re calling it ‘charter cities’ or something like that.

  7. I think Alyssa Milano and Nia Long should play twins. Well ,Nia Long before she got old looking. Megan Fox and Meagan Good.

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