Digital Noise Episode 73: Jingle Bell Raucous


Richard and Chris take you by the hand and through the wardrobe into the mystical land of Digital Noise, feeding you till you’re pleasingly plump on the Blu-ray and DVD equivalents of Turkish Delight.

This week: we largely agree that most of these titles are pretty darn good. The battle for PICK OF THE WEEK is the only major struggle with releases in contention such as Criterion’s Time Bandits, The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, Better Off Ted: Season 2, Jingle Bell Rocks, RWBY Season 2 and so much more good stuff.

And here’s where it gets real good, like Santa-just-brought-us-magic-weapons-but-what-the-hell-is-he-doing-in-this-story-anyway good: We’re giving away a bunch of blu-rays of the wonderful Zomb-Com, Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead that you can win if you listen!

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Time Bandits Bluray Review   Doctor Who Series Eight Bluray Review   RWBY Season 2 Bluray Review

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Under The Dome Season 2 Bluray Review   Better Off Ted Season 2 DVD Review   Jingle Bell Rocks DVD Review

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The Strange Colors of Your Bodys Tears Bluray Review   Slaughter Hotel Bluray Review   Quatermass Xperiment Bluray Review

Empty Space

Calvary Bluray Review   Frank Bluray Review   Dead Snow 2 Bluray Review

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3) Add #DeadSnowGiveaway

4) We’ll select our favorite answers and contact those winners via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).



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631 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 73: Jingle Bell Raucous”

  1. Hey you guys good thing that James Bond is not fighting North Korea (again) in the new movie and Bond fights them in Die Another Day in the opening .

  2. Favorite political movie, hm, I can’t say I’ve seen many. Frost/Nixon is a good recent one that I enjoyed.

    Im amazed that he liked RWBY vol2!

    Very surprising about what you guys had to say about Frank. I had no idea about the real life stuff behind it. Very informative. I’ll have to check out Calvery though.

    Dead Snow 2 is so fun!

  3. Under The Dome is the most hilariously bad show ever! It has no redeeming features whatsoever. And its totally unmissable. Won’t be the same without Rebecca the Einstein level high school teacher.

    1. Ok, time to rant. DarkKnightFan, this is not your fault, but you’ll bear the brunt. My name is spelled B-R-I-A-N, to spell it with the vowels transposed is to write the word “brain,” as in the one in your head. I have overlooked it about 100 times now between the comment sections, Twitter, and FB. Consider this a public service announcement: B-R-I-A-N.

      I thank you.

  4. I gave Dr Who a bash because I used to love it and I thought Capaldi seemed like a great fit/throwback (i’m Pertwee/Baker old) but sadly I couldn’t understand WTF was going on! at all!? wondering now if it ever made sense? felt similarly let down by Calvary, Gleeson aside (and I know they were all meant to be but) all the other characters I found repulsive and walked out at the end rather depressed 🙁

  5. Jean-François Martel

    I think you’re talking about Martha? If so she was a doctor. Gwen Cooper was a cop on Torchwood tho but she only met the doctor once i believe? Though you watch so much stuff i don’t blame you for getting them mixed up.
    Anyway. I have enjoyed this season of Doctor Who a lot, i was not expecting much, especially after season 7 (and i nearly completely skipped season 6). This season they actually developed Clara a good bit and i loved her relationship with Danny and how she clashed with the doctor (wasn’t a fan of the doctor insulting her appearance tho). I thought the episodes were fun and enjoyed the confirmation that Time Lords can change genders. It feels a little like Moffat has learned about some of his mistakes when it comes to representation and social issues because i found this season to be much less offensive. I mean it still has issues but it was much better than in the past. Into the Dalek was the highlight of the season for me. anso Holy Secondary Character Batman! the side characters were fantastic! I especially loved Blue from Into the Dalek.

  6. Regarding the ending of Time Bandits I think Gilliam said something like the kid was so much more mature and together than his useless parents that he didn’t need them anymore and they were just holding him back, and he was trying to say he’d be better off on his own.
    Still, kinda rough though.

  7. Jean-François Martel

    I want someone who isn’t human as the next companion of the doctor… Or at least someone from a distant past/Future. And i hope we get to see Blue again, as a way to help the doctor get over his hatred of soldiers.

  8. Chris’ “action version movie critic” sure sounds a little like the Doctor Who episode “Blink”… remember, the characters in that had a ‘conversation’ with the Doctor through DVD easter eggs.

  9. Austin/Chubblicious

    I am so glad you guys love Better off Ted as well, it is seriously one of my favorite shows, I was afraid to watch it because it was on ABC but it was consistently amazing. I usually re-watch it every few years.

  10. Richard underestimates how much ‘the kids’ have grown up on shows like The Simpsons. That wasn’t even an old reference either. Literally no-one who’s a fan of The Simpsons would have to look that up. Richard’s patronizing of ‘the kids’ reminds me of when Korey Coleman does that, but Korey’s much worse. At least Richard isn’t pretending that ‘the kids these days’ have no idea what VHS, CDs and Vinyl are.

  11. Chris, can I ask you a question? You could use this as part of the next Digital Noise, but have you had any bad experiences with movies on DVD? There were a couple of times in my home where my brothers & I were watching a movie, but then at the halfway mark blocks would slowly appear at random and then the movie starts skipping until eventually it freezes at a frame and stops. It happened to us when we were watching the unrated version of Robocop, and it forced us to stop the disc and return it.
    The reason I ask is this: My big brother (two years older than me) and I watched “Time Bandits” as kids, though I honestly can barely remember parts of it (like the magic gloves intro for instance); Then he bought the movie on DVD ten years ago and we decided to watch the trailer first. We were barely five seconds in when the skipping started and it froze the trailer itself. He was so frustrated by it that he returned the DVD and got a refund, leaving me unable to see the movie since. In both cases, we checked the disc and found no scratches on either of them and assumed it was our DVD player (an Emerson product) that messed it up.
    Years later, however, I rented a copy of “Ghost in the Shell” Special Edition that was loaded with all the special features (making up, etc.); Halfway through the movie, the skipping thing happens again. It was so bad, not even the trailers would load. The DVD player was a JVC product, so I checked the disc and found NO scratches; However, I saw it was on a gold disc and I remembered that both Robocop & Time Bandits were on gold discs as well. So I returned the Special Edition of “G.i.t.S.”, rented the regular edition (just the movie and trailer by itself on a regular, silver disc), and found that despite having many small scratches, the movie NEVER SKIPPED ONCE.

  12. Richard’s grievances with “Frank” are legitimate, but I just wanted to point out that the film was actually being written before Frank Sidebottom died and he actually encouraged them to do something different with the story (Jon Ronson goes over a lot of this in an interview with TheWire entitled “Talking Truth and Fiction in ‘Frank’ with Jon Ronson”). Also, the film wasn’t based on the novel Ronson wrote about his real experiences with Frank. I believe the novel was written as a companion piece to the film for people who wanted to know the real story that inspired it.

    I didn’t grow up with Frank Sidebottom and maybe if I had I would feel differently, but after seeing the film and learning about the real man, I don’t feel the film disrespected him in any way. In fact, prior to hearing about the film I had no idea who Frank Sidebottom was and I’m now fascinated with him. If more people are introduced to the real Frank thanks to the film, doesn’t that kind of justify its existence?

    1. I would have to agree with you there. I get where Richard is coming from with his grievances with Frank but I honestly loved the movie. It’s one of my favorites of 2014. But I did watch from Frank Sidebottom stuff afterwards. And I’ll say it was kind of confusing to connect the two, but it didn’t hurt the movie for me. But to be fair, I didn’t grow up with Frank Sidebottom. I didn’t even know it was even a thing until the day I saw the movie in a theater.

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