Digital Noise Episode 71: Blu-HF


Ahoy-hoy, Digiphiles! This week, Brian and Richard dance through a breezy batch of Blus. The tradeoff however is that they also review Lars Von Trier’s, I don’t know, like 18-hour cut of Nymphomaniac. That’s right, we’re talking the uncircumcised cut!  Some of the other titles are rather Expendable, but some of the releases make the guys Weirdly happy.

Top that off with a Weird Al giveaway and you’ve got yourself a show! Enjoy!

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Expendables 3 Bluray Review   The Giver Bluray Review   Hundred Foot Journey Bluray Review

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Nymphomaniac Extended Directors Cut Bluray Review   Drunk History DVD Review   Lavventura Bluray Review

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UHF Bluray Review   The Compleat Al DVD Review

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24 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 71: Blu-HF”

  1. I still want to recommend a change again. For the timestamps, can they be changed to the Hours/Minutes format that the player has, instead of just minutes?

  2. Hands down best film to TV adaptation goes to Fargo. Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman were spectacular and the writing was wicked sharp. Also, that Expendables trailer song is called “Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown. They’re a pretty damn good rock band. Nothing wrong with some good easy listening rock. I will defend Nickleback to my dying breath. I actually went to a Nickleback concert where Shinedown was the opening act, so Brian’s comparison is very apt.

    1. You are correct about Shinedown, but wrong about Nickleback. One is good, the other is Nickleback.

      As a fan of them, I can’t really defend the Expendables theme, seeing as Sly’s daughters told them to call them up and ask them to do it. And I really can’t defend the “AX-PANDA-BULL” line. Worst line they’ve ever written.

      Maybe this is what people mean by guilty pleasure? Is this feeling I’m feeling guilt? This is weird, I don’t like it.

  3. I’m actually a little glad that the show is shorter this week. I’ll be able to listen to it in one go tonight.

    Thanks to Richard, I now have to re-watch “Manhunter”. Have you seen the “director’s cut”?

  4. Nobody saw UHF because it was in theaters at the same time as Batman, Ghostbusters 2, Lethal Weapon 2 and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

  5. I went to school in the mid-90s and read The Giver and had my tiny youngin’ brain thoroughly melted by it.

  6. Jean-François Martel

    Richard i will fight you over Freddy VS Jason and H20.(Kidding, i’ll cower in a corner and throw insults at you when you’re not looking)

  7. While I can’t form an opinion on the quality of the movie itself, I will say that a big problem The Giver had was that it was adapted much too late, similar to John Carter.

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