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Digital Noise Episode 71: Blu-HF

Ahoy-hoy, Digiphiles! This week, Brian and Richard dance through a breezy batch of Blus. The tradeoff however is that they also review Lars Von Trier’s, I don’t know, like 18-hour cut of Nymphomaniac. That’s right, we’re talking the uncircumcised cut!  Some of the other titles are rather Expendable, but some of the releases make the guys Weirdly happy.

Top that off with a Weird Al giveaway and you’ve got yourself a show! Enjoy!

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Expendables 3 Bluray Review   The Giver Bluray Review   Hundred Foot Journey Bluray Review

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Nymphomaniac Extended Directors Cut Bluray Review   Drunk History DVD Review   Lavventura Bluray Review

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UHF Bluray Review   The Compleat Al DVD Review

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