Welcome to Springfield 26×05: Opposites A-Frack

After discovering that Mr.Burns is running an illegal fracking operation in their neighborhood, Lisa writes to assemblywoman Maxine (Jane Fonda) and Mr.Burns is forced to stop. Afterwards, Mr. Burns yells at Maxine and the two have sex in her office and start a secret relationship. Desperate to get the fracking rights to Evergreen Terrace, Mr. Burns hires Homer to persuade his neighbors. Soon, everyone has signed, except Marge.


When Maxine and Burns break up, they go after each other, with Maxine destroying the Burns mansion. Burns starts the fracking operation again, but he is stopped when Homer forgives Marge and stops the operation as Burns and Maxine re-unite.


This episode zooms by and by the end of it, you don’t know if it was a good episode or a bad episode. Throughout the episode, it feels like they’re trying to educate people on fracking. While it may be an important issue, it pushes the agenda in a clumsy, overbearing manner. I miss when this show wasn’t so obvious in its political views.

Also, Maxine is meant to be a strong character, but with how fast she starts seeing Mr. Burns, her credibility vanishes almost instantaneously. Then, there’s Homer and Marge’s fight, which makes no sense. Marge keeps explaining that their water was on fire and they just resolve it at the end just because. Why did it take so long? Who cares, the conflict just vanishes by the end of the episode


I’ve complained about the show’s politics before, but I need to re-iterate: we know it tends to be liberal and that’s fine, but the fact that we built a whole episode around their viewpoint on fracking? That’s just being obnoxious.

Final Score: 1.0/5.0

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