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Somebody Likes It Ep 16 – Yo La Tengo: “Electr-o-Pura”

HEEEEEYYYYYY!!! We’re back! No, I’m not the Fonz, but I just saw a bumper sticker with that on it, and it made me get a good feeling inside. Mostly, cause the Fonz was supposed to be a TOUGH DUDE, and he was just so god damned cuddly.

Ok, on to the business at hand. This week we listened to “Electr-O-Pura” by Yo La Tengo. I liked it quite a bit. Kevin a little less so. But Ryan? Let’s just say somebody took over the first part of this podcast like a drunk fat guy working on a plate of ribs. In fact, I’ll let him tell you a little about it.

RYAN SEZ: “On this edition of “Somebody Likes It,” the “Somebody” who “Likes It” is me. A lot. It would be hard to overstate my love for Yo La Tengo’s 1995 release “Electr-O-Pura,” but on this week’s podcast, I definitely give it my best shot. I love this as much as I do “The White Album,” “The Queen is Dead,” or “Fables of the Reconstruction.” If you know me well, you also know that that’s saying a lot. Understandably, Shane and Kevin were less enthusiastic about this record, but, to be fair, it’s a pretty high bar to reach my level of fandom. In any case, “Electr-O-Pura” is a testament to the bond one can make with a work of art when one must travel the roads of northeast Indiana, measuring homes for a carpet store (not to be cliche). To me, it’s a perfect record. Except for track 13, “Attack on Love.” That song blows.”

Yeah, he’s not wrong about that. Stay far far away from that.

Ok, what else? Well, this week s intermission is “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors. We talk all about masturbation rumors, and how many greatest hits albums you can build around one song.


All right. Well next week, on this cycle of albums we love it’s my pick: My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless”…beautiful beautiful music. See you then!


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