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SMARK COUNTRY: NXT, More Bang for Your Buck than Raw or Smackdown

As I got through watching last week’s episode of NXT, I truly came to appreciate what this show accomplishes on a weekly basis. Not only because this is World Wrestling Entertainment’s developmental league for young rookies to prove themselves before working their way up to the main WWE roster, not only because they perform in a much smaller (but more interactive) crowd at Full Sail University in Orlando each week, but because they fit so much content into just a one hour show.


The fact that on any given week we may get five to six solid matches (though one or two may be quick squash matches) is astonishing. And we’re not talking standard WWE match that would be on Superstars or Main Event. The level of athleticism from superstars like Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Charlotte Flair, the Ascension and others just defies logic. These guys are out working at least a third of the main WWE roster. Their tag division is also reminiscent of how strong the main roster’s was about two years ago. Between the aforementioned Ascension, the Vaudevillains, Luchadragons and many more, some of the best match of the week nominees often times only can be seen on this program.

If their ring work alone was not enough to sell the uninitiated, then the mic work shown during these performers’ promos and vignettes should definitely win over even the most skeptical critic. Whether it’s Enzo Amore & Cassidy clowning on how “SAWFT” their opponents are or the “Ratchet” Sasha Banks’ backstage machinations and backstabbing, NXT is producing compelling storylines to perfectly complement the great wrestling.
Anyone that needs proof of this need only look at the more recent additions to the main Raw and Smackdown rosters from NXT. Emma has stolen the hearts of the WWE Universe. Paige pinned AJ Lee for the Divas championship her first night on Raw. Bo Dallas started off with an impressive undefeated streak. The list just goes on and on.

Sometimes we can talk about how depleted rosters, bad writing, injuries and all the other typical things that can cause a wrestling show to decline in quality. NXT is a part of the same company, experiences the same roster depletions (when superstars are called up to the main shows) and are injured as well. Yet somehow, someway, the little engine that could, known as NXT, has yet to give me a bad episode in so long that I can’t remember when it last did.

Have you been enjoying NXT lately? What are your thoughts on the program?



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