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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Interstellar’

There was a time in which we believed that Matthew McConaughey would likely spin right off this planet and enter an orbit all his own. Now, thanks to Christopher Nolan, that day has arrived!

Interstellar is the story of humanity on the verge of extinction. We’ve made too many babies and eaten all the foods, so space cowboy McConaughey must travel to new, possibly inhabitable planets to save us all. It’s a long trip that takes him to the outer reaches of the universe as well as through a galaxy of conventions from other sci-fi films.

The Unusual Suspects throw on their flight suits and blast off at the mouth for this Highly Suspect review of Interstellar. Will it be one of the biggest movies of the year also be among the best, or will Brian, Chris, Elliott, and Michael tear it a new wormhole?




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