Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Interstellar’


There was a time in which we believed that Matthew McConaughey would likely spin right off this planet and enter an orbit all his own. Now, thanks to Christopher Nolan, that day has arrived!

Interstellar is the story of humanity on the verge of extinction. We’ve made too many babies and eaten all the foods, so space cowboy McConaughey must travel to new, possibly inhabitable planets to save us all. It’s a long trip that takes him to the outer reaches of the universe as well as through a galaxy of conventions from other sci-fi films.

The Unusual Suspects throw on their flight suits and blast off at the mouth for this Highly Suspect review of Interstellar. Will it be one of the biggest movies of the year also be among the best, or will Brian, Chris, Elliott, and Michael tear it a new wormhole?




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1,596 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Interstellar’”

  1. I still find Avatar to be one of the most boring things I’ve seen. But, I honestly don’t like any Jamers Cameron movies except the first half of The Abyss and I used to like Aliens

      1. I saw it as a kid, barely remember it. I do want to see it again. But I’m sure there’s a reason it didn’t have a lasting affect on me like so many other horror flicks from the 80’s.

  2. Austin/Chubblicious

    I am seeing it in Imax tonight, I am excited but a little cautious based on what I have read on the movie. I will have to listen to this after.

  3. I have to watch this for astro 104 extra credit……and I love most Nolan movies so I will be seeing it this week

  4. great review guys. i’ve admired, but haven’t loved anything nolan’s done since the prestige. inception and the batman films were pretty, but kind of dull… it’d be cool if he scaled back, at least for one film, and did something like memento again.

  5. Hey Chris and Brian, Cloud Atlas was my pseudo-religious 2001 A Space Odyssey or Tree of Life, so i believe in the power of love haha. You think imma love this film? (obviously id know when i watch it) Maybe overlook the Deus Ex Machina?

  6. Austin/Chubblicious

    Alright, I just saw it but haven’t listened to the review, but these are my thoughts. I thought the first third was stretched out, but once it got going in the middle it was amazing, until the ending. There are a few lines in the beginning of the movie that made it obvious who or what the “twist” was, I just didn’t know how they would implement it. And I was ok with that, but once they revealed what was happening it left me very disappointed. The acting was great, and though I am hit and miss with Zimmer I really enjoyed the score, at times it was a little loud but I thought it fit the film even though it is reminiscent of a few other things I have heard. When I walk out of Nolan movies I normally want to go back right away and see it again, but after one viewing I feel like I picked up all that this film has to offer. It is a 7/10 film for me.

    1. I completely disagree with that statement. Just because someone has different opinions from the rest of us at times does not at all make him unlikable. He’s always respectful and thoughtful when explaining his positions and funny to boot.

      1. I understand you have to defend your friend and your colleague but it’s not his opinions that bother me. You can dislike any movie you want, hell I agree with him. It’s the fact that he just dismisses movies entirely. He’s probably my age bracket but simple dismal of just 2001 is just shit. Lets ignore the fact the movie came out before the fucking moon landing.

        Just an air of smug to his voice is what makes him unlikable, not his actual opinions.

          1. They might have not known that his personality would translate well into reviews. But that is pure speculation on both our parts. It’s just this and Birdman reviews really irked me. I agree, to a degree, about birdman but his unflinching resolve into seeing anyones point even though he was completely in the wrong was a peek into the kind of person he is. An unlikable one.

            1. Honestly, I think your masking you disagreeing with the man by saying he’s a jerk so it makes your opinion sound more right.

              1. Considering that I agreed with him in my first post, no that’s not the case. You thinking that I’m trying to prove my opinion “right” leads me to believe I’m having a discussion with (you) someone who’s not with it. If you look back I just defended my stance is all. I like people who I disagree with a lot of things. Chris and I have a lot of different tastes but digital noise is what keeps bringing me back.

        1. 2001 is incredible! always will be one of my favorite movie experiences from seeing it with no sound as a wee kid on telly to it’s cinematic re-release which brought me to tears! someone dismissing it casually does nothing to diminish it’s greatness to me, it’s a real shame they don’t like it but there’s plenty of people out there who casually dismiss Citizen Kane because it’s black & white or think The new Robocop is better? and it used to piss me off but now I just chuckle shake my head 😉

          No 2001, no Interstellar! hell no fucking Starwars or close Encounters or some of the best music from Floyd to Bowie!…

      2. It does sound like he’s trying to get a rise saying shit like he hates Nolan films and 2001! although I find it entertaining that you have one guy who stirs the shit pot the opposite way now, it’s what I used to enjoy about Carlyle 😉

  7. What a way to end the review. 😀 I’m looking forward to checking out this film, though I may reduce my expectations going in to it.

  8. Saw Interstellar. I loved 2 hours and 20 minutes of the film, the last 20 minutes left a bad taste in my mouth.

    But I’m not gonna let 1/8th of the movie ruin my whole experience. I would score Interstellar an 8.5 out of 10.

    Also, for so much talk about it’s length, that did not bother me. I’ve seen The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Once Upon a Time in the West; The Godfather movies, etc. I got the patience for these movies.

    1. I would like to challenge you on that. Go ahead and tell me why?
      The last 20 minutes are what solidified the film as one of the greatest scifi films ever made

      1. Although the movie is science fiction and there definitely is suspension of disbelief, once he goes into the black hole it becomes a bit too unbelievable, even by the movie’s standards. It seems one hell of a coincidence that Murph figures out that her dad was her ghost. When the 5th dimension closes he is just spat out back into the solar system just in time for him to be rescued, and he meets his daughter for like less than a minute (someone he has been dying to see again for such a long time) then flies off to find Dr. Brand. I know they sort of explain why he doesn’t stay long but it didn’t feel satisfying to me.

        Also the whole “love travels through space and time” line felt extremely sappy. I know it probably wasn’t meant to be taken literally but it bothered me.

        1. See? This is exactly why I shut out a lot of reviews and comments about a Nolan film until I have seen it myself. Most of the world is far too stupid to be able to keep up.
          1) “black hole it becomes a bit too unbelievable, even by the movie’s standards” Elaborate. Because I can tell you right now, if you mean what I think you mean, youre dead wrong. But I will give you a chance to explain yourself fully before I judge.
          2)”It seems one hell of a coincidence that Murph figures out that her dad was her ghost.” Coincidence? How??
          3)”I know they sort of explain why he doesn’t stay long but it didn’t feel satisfying to me.” Thats your own fault. She told Cooper that no parent should have to watch their child die. I was watching Minority Report yesterday where Collin Ferell told Tom Cruise that even though he lost someone it isnt anything close to what Cruise must have felt since he lost his own child.
          4)”Also the whole “love travels through space and time” line felt extremely sappy. ”
          I agree that is very sappy. Unfortunately, the film didnt have that line in kt at all. It said that like gravity, love is not limited by time and space. We love people who are miles away or dead. Both true

          So where is the issue?

  9. The most endearing moment in this review: “I’m a secular humanist, as a matter of fact” Followed closely by “Shut up Brian” x 2.

  10. Having just seen the movie I feel that this film is essentially Christopher Nolan’s A.I. Like that movie Interstellar was going to be made another filmmaker, in this case Steven Spielberg before Chris Nolan took control of it. Had it been directed Spielberg I think this would have been a better movie. It has it’s fair share strong(very strong) moments, but it also aggravatingly flawed.

    Also, Chris I’d like to add that I think A.I. is better than this.

  11. Just saw The Ultimate Space cowboy movie and as a huge fan of Nolan especially Inception which I walked straight back in and watched again, not so with this 🙁
    I will give it a while to settle in my noggin because afterwards it felt kind of gooey and spiritual and nutty as fuck!
    Mathey McConaughey is awesome and about the only guy who could hold all this bobbins together, I disliked Anne Hathaway though, something i never thought possible!
    I missed tons of dialogue because the sound mix was shit and the Church organ got on my tits at times

    2001 this is not, not even close! but there’s loads of cool stuff, enough to tempt me back for another go because if nothing else Nolan’s got big old IMAX sized space balls!

    ”Oh my God it’s full of… books!?”

  12. I’d like to point out after listening to the review in which you talking about Interstellar essentially ‘copying’ films like 2001 based on it having similar ships/technologies. I later watched the movie and although I have a few spots where I have my own grievances, I have to say that the former complaint seems to me, to be choosing to see it as a reused/overused trope or cliché of the genre instead of the reality that that is simply how you would best accomplish artificial gravity. It’s like saying guns and tanks are a trope of war movies with active combat, they aren’t there because a famous war movie had them and so now all of them do, they’re there because that’s the equipment of war. This is a specific example, but several of the complaints about an
    aspect of the movie being a sci-fi trope also fit this as well.

    tl;dr: It’s not a sci-fi trope, it’s physics. If you are trying to stick to a somewhat hard science approach and you want artificial gravity, the ship/colony has to spin; not just because 2001 did it and they’re copying it.

  13. This is a BS review. The science in this film was very hard science that actually got approval by scientists like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and another scientist that Screen Junkies brought on to try and show how stupid Interstellars science is and he said “Umm no the science was actually very spot on with Time Dilation and gravity and very solid theoretical 5th Dimension”. So yeah you guys are already factually wrong about 60% of the review.
    And with the whole 2001 ripoff part, its called…physics? I haven’t heard one solid argument against this film from this review that you didn’t miss the point on.
    As for love being the saviour etc is also wrong. It makes perfect sense for it to be there and not a because we said so.

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