Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Dumb & Dumber To’


Purportedly, Dumb & Dumber To is a comedy sequel…so why did it make us so sad? The Unusual Suspects hope that despite their apparent creative bankruptcy, the Farrelly Brothers can show them the funny with this followup to their 1994 hit.

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are back as Lloyd and Harry on a new adventure through the valley of the lowest common denominator.

Will Brian, Chris, J.C., and our newest reviewer Diva Del Mar be able to mine some enjoyment from this seemingly unnecessary sequel? Listen to this Highly Suspect Review and find out!



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854 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Dumb & Dumber To’”

  1. Ow… 🙁 And I assumed that Chris and Brain reaction to the title will be “Puns? Boys ow, boy! This going be a cinematic treat :D” Ow, well…

    1. The presence of puns is not, in and of itself, a good thing. Quality is still required. Non-pun appreciators never seem to get this, which will eternally make me make sad face.

      1. Just teasing 😉 To make things clear – I LOVE PUNS and I find you guys the Jedi masters as far the punning go. I would even dare to say you have the highest punctuation in my book… 🙂

  2. I believe Bill Murray was the dude making meth in Harry’s apartment, if you’ve seen the clip. You can’t see him under the suit, so I guess it was just an insider joke because I’m sure the Farrellys wouldn’t cut a Bill Murray cameo.

    And seriously, what was the bug up Brian’s butt on this review? It’s okay to not like the movie, but it seemed like you were on the verge of calling anyone who liked this movie or the last one a complete moron, which is why I’m glad Diva was on this review to stick up for the first movie. (And why all the hate on Rhode Island? Is it a sports thing?)

    1. I love how you’re judging me for things I was “on the verge of saying.” I never said that, nor was it at any point my contention. Disagree with me? Fine. But at least confine your criticisms to things I actually say or points I actually make.” Thank you.

      1. I didn’t mean to be mean about it, dude. I was very careful to say you didn’t actually say that. It just came across that way to me, and I’m sorry I upset you, and I’m sorry you didn’t like the movie.

      2. And in retrospect, that wasn’t a fair assessment to make, and I apologize. You guys are awesome and I don’t want to be in your shit list over DUMB AND DUMBER TO.

  3. Angry Brian is the best Brian.

    Also, I like Diva Del Mar. I wouldn’t mind hearing her in other reviews.

    1. I can’t remember a time that I’ve heard Brian be this angry. Here is my impression of Brian coming out of the theater.

    2. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Brian this angry before. Here is what I imagine Brian was coming out of the theater:

      In all seriousness, I was waiting to hear what you guys thought; There’s a video several months back when a couple of let’s players in a game of GTA V express their thoughts on this movie. In summary, one worries it will be utter S*** (which this review seems to confirm) while wondering if the first had been made would be successful. Here’s a link to the video for the minute long discussion: http://youtu.be/nU–zKrE4II?t=4m56s

  4. When I heard this film was in production I somehow suspected this would be the outcome. Now, let us all go back to watching 22 Jump Street and never discuss this film again. 😀

    1. Yes, it really was.

      The guys doing the Stooge impressions were actually solid, but they surrounded them with absolute garbage including the single most annoying Sofia Vergara performance to date.

  5. Dumb and Dumber To, electric shoot me with a full chamber of bullets, reload, then shoot me with another full chamber of bullets bugaloo. Catchy right?

    1. Yes. And if you want a review show that tries carefully to make sure they give a positive review of everything just in case some people might disagree, because they like that sort of thing, then you’re in the wrong place. “Critiques” are opinions by definition.

      1. AGAIN, low brow comedy guys, speaking to you Brian. You sounded so angry, I cant believe a movie would make you have this sort of attitude. Chris, your cool. Brian, do you want a hug?

        1. I will not apologize for how shitty and lazy this movie is and how much I feel it wasted my time. And I also have heard of low brow comedy, but thanks for being patronizing. Low brow or not, the filmmakers should take some pride in what they do, otherwise, what’s the point? This isn’t even good at being low brow.

          1. Sorry to hear Brian I was just upset towards the attitude you took towards a movie of this kind. I know low brow comedies dont get the BEST critical responses whether them being lazy or not I still find them appealing and i love these types of movies, and I understand some movies are plain lazy *cough little fouckers* but can you point out some low brow comedies that made you laugh at least

            1. There are good low brow comedies out there though when you think of some of Will Ferrell’s or Ben Stiller’s movies. Some are shit, but others hysterically funny. The 3 Jackass Movies are incredibly lowbrow, but they were some of the best times I ever had in the theater.

              I’m a defender of Three Stooges AND Stuck on You, but I don’t blame these guys for this movie. Not only does it sound bad and lazy, but also
              malicious which is the trifecta of terrible comedy. Just see Adam Sandler’s most recent movies.

            2. I’m imagining us giving a bad review to a superhero movie and some new guy coming on and saying, “You just don’t like superhero movies”. No. We’ve been doing this awhile. We’re not hating on it BECAUSE it’s a low-brow comedy. Shit, I grew up with Mel Brooks movies. There’s tons of low-brow comedies I adore. I’m with Scott on the Jackass movies as well. We’re hating on it because it’s a BAD low-brow movie. I can’t tell you how sick I get of the ‘you just don’t like ______ genre” argument, when it’s ridiculously demonstrable how untrue that is. Like any other sort of humor, low-brow can be good or bad. I mean, “Disaster Movie” is low brow humor, you want to defend that?

              1. I will defend it, ON HOW BAD IT IS. Sorry I just got back from a screening and yes it was terrible. I can go on about it but i was greatly disappointed. I think it crossed the line with with all the dream sequences and when Lloyd ripped out the ninjas balls and licked them, this wasnt the dumb and dumber I knew n loved.

  6. Funny, cause Diva’s description of this as a tv movie you play in the background while you do something else kinda sums up how i feel about the original. Ive seen it so many damn times on Comedy Central. And while i have seen it in full and laughed, ive seen it more in pieces than as a whole on TV.

  7. Brian’s sounding like Dave Gobble when he saw Man of Steel. Can’t say that surprises me. The relevance of these type of comedies, imo, were swept away not long even after the original movie

  8. Where’s Ashley Moreno? She’s so cool and funny (not saying Diva isn’t), and we haven’t heard her in a while.

    1. She is taking classes right now and started a new job at the same time. She will be back when classes end, but for now, she’s pretty overwhelmed with what’s already on her plate.

      1. Jean-François Martel

        How dare she get an education instead of entertaining us? I DEMAND REPARATION!

        (kidding obviously… get that education girl, learn those thing you wanna learn, take care, eat well and get enough sleep)

      2. Good for her! She’s been an awesome addition to the shows and I’ve been wondering where she’s been as well. We can gladly wait for her.

  9. Jean-François Martel

    I have a feeling this review is funnier than the movie.. i mean i’m not going to see the movie to back up the claim, but it’s just a feeling i’m getting.

  10. Austin/Chubblicious

    Great review guys, I love angry Brian. What this review did most is make me want a debate between Martin and Brian about the Three Stooges, because Martin mentioned in his review on Dumb and Dumber 2 that he enjoyed that movie.

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