Digital Noise Episode 70: Jump Back Into The Storm


Welcome to your best nightmare!

On this week’s show, Brian and Chris travel from Jump Street to Sin City and then Into the Storm. The Housebound duo also break out of their Bubble to investigate The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. And then…something something Automata.

Top all that off with a special appearance by the great Johnny Neill and Ragna-ROCKIN’ giveaway and you’ve got plenty of cause to crank up da noise!

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22 Jump Street Bluray Review   Into The Storm Bluray Review   Sin City A Dame To Kill For Bluray Review

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Legends of the Knight DVD Review   True Blood Complete Series Bluray Review   Automata Bluray Review

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Reclaim Bluray Review   It Happened One Night Bluray Review   Cabinet of Dr Caligari Bluray Review

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Housebound Bluray Review   The Bubble Bluray Review   As The Light Goes Out Bluray Review

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Ragnarok Bluray Review

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1) Follow @oneofusnet on Twitter

2) Tweet at us with the answer to this hypothetical: What events from the world of film (a movie’s box office returns or a piece of casting news) seems to you to be the most telling sign of the coming ragnarok (end of the world)?

3) Add #RagnarokGiveaway

4) We’ll select our 2 favorite answers and contact those winners via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).

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1,483 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 70: Jump Back Into The Storm”

  1. Umm…Brian? Could you explain to me why you like Snake Plissken so much? I just saw Escape from New York recently, and I’m sad to say my overall reaction was, “This is really underwhelming,” and probably the biggest problem with that is Snake Plissken himself. He’s a cool design for a character, and Kurt Russell is great, but this is one of those movies that never seems to get off the ground. It’s all buildup and no good payoff. Snake does maybe two or three memorable things in the film, and for an 80’s action hero, particularly one as beloved as Snake, that’s kind of sad. The climax bored me and the villain left no impact on me at all. Is the sequel any better, because Escape from New York is easily the weakest of the supposedly classic Carpenter films I’ve seen. I will swear by The Thing, Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China and even Assault on Precinct 13, but this one fell really flat for me.
    Which is why I was hoping the character’s biggest fan could explain the appeal for me. I might just not have gotten from the first time I watched the film.

    1. And that is the #1 takeaway we got from “Into the Storm” as well, although I know that it’s not the most popular opinion in the world.

  2. I haven’t started listening to the show yet, but have you guys seen the Netflix documentaries, The Square (2013) and Virunga (2014)? They’re both amazing. I just saw Virunga a couple days ago, and it had me on the edge of my seat. They’re both quite depressing though, but The Square is more optimistic in the end of the documentary, Virunga less so. Definitely two documentaries everyone should see though. As someone who follows what goes on in those parts of the world out of interest, The Square gave excellent insight into the Arab Spring in Egypt, that I couldn’t have gotten from anywhere else.

      1. Definitely, yeah. It got an Oscar nomination last year for Best Documentary, actually. I’d certainly be very interested in hearing you guys talk about Virunga and The Square on a future episode of Digital Noise or something, if you get the time.

        Some parts of Virunga are on Vice News-levels of ‘holy shit I can’t believe a documentary film crew is filming this’.

  3. Great to hear Johnny Neil on podcast again. 🙂

    Also for Europeon listeners, Ragnarok will b available in 2015 on DVD with the name “Ragnarok: The Viking Apocolypse”.

  4. I was just checking in and was all like “Frack yeah, Digi-noise for tha commute home!” and THEN I saw the Special Guest Star and was all like “JOHNNY NEIL, you say? Screw workplace productivity–I’m listening NOW!!”

  5. Kind of bummed that you guys hated Sin City 2 and don’t like Rodriguez anymore. But yes, The Spirit is TERRIBLE. It makes Sin City 2 look amazing.

  6. Not sure you know, because not many watched it, but Brian, “The Previously On…” bit at the beginning of 22 Jump Street is a reference to Lord & Miller’s tv show Clone High. It still works in the way you said though, I suppose.

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