Digital Noise Episode 68: All In


Greatness abounds in this episode of Digital Noise. That’s not to say that all the titles are great, even as Brian and Richard sift through a higher-than-usual number of recent theatrical offerings. However, there are a few outstanding gems among the rough, and even the worst titles make for some hilarious and, at times, highly inappropriate banter.

Richard and Brian desolate Smaug, crash Planes, and get all up in the latest Step Up movie. They also whack poetic about The Sopranos Complete Series box set. Top that off with an amazing documentary giveaway and you’ve got yourself one epic episode.

Oh, and you won’t believe what the guys unanimously choose as their pick of the week! I mean, you can probably believe it, but you shouldn’t have to.

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Hobbit Desolation of Smaug Bluray Review   Maleficent Bluray Review   Planes Fire Rescue Bluray Review

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Step Up All In Bluray Review   Hercules 3D Bluray Review   Sopranos Complete Series Bluray Review

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The One I Love Bluray Review   Premature DVD Review   Most Wanted Man Bluray Review

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Ninth Configuration Bluray Review   Rudolph Bluray Review   The Dog Bluray Review

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27 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 68: All In”

    1. Damn straight, JewJitsu. Only down side is that I get sad every time I see Dean Winters and J.K. Simmons schilling insurance. That said, can we get a Lee Tergesen/Clark Gregg/Pat Healy family comedy together?

      1. Schillinger Insurance :D. Yes we can. I’ve always wanted to see a sitcom with all the dead characters from Oz in Hell.

  1. I gotta respectfully disagree with you guys on The Hobbit films. I absolutely adore them and think they do manage to capture the essence of the books while also adding great cinematic elemnts as well as levity and emotion. Then again, I may be biased because The Hobbit is my favorite book. Can’t wait for Battle of The Five Armies.

  2. Jean-François Martel

    Peter Jackson needs to go back to making mis to low budget horror movies for a while, maybe relearn some things. This could be a breath of fresh air for him.

  3. I’ve never read the whole Hobbit book, so I just judge the movies on their own merit and I really like them. Not on the same level as LOTR, but I still dig them. I do agree that Peter Jackson needs to get back to his roots, and I understand where you guys are coming from as fans of the source.

    And it was Kellan Lutz from LEGEND OF HERCULES, Brian, Kellan…Lutz. I also love WICKED as well, and am holding on for the inevitable disappointment when they make the movie. But as long as that shit’s still on Broadway, I don’t think it’ll happen soon.

      1. Kellan “Muscle Milk Pile” Lutz co-starring alongside Reb “Big McLargehuge” Brown in LOOPER 2: LOOP, THERE IT IS. Now THAT I would see.

          1. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to troll I was just desperate to know if it was you. I really like your reviews and think you are funny so I was kind of disappointed when I thought it was you who said that Wrestling fans were mentally challenged. I don’t know if you have read the other page where someone claimed that it was you but I was being a bit rude towards you there and now a day later when I read what I wrote I’m embarrassed of how immature I was being.
            I’m very hot headed (especially on the weekends when I don’t take my ADHD medication and my impulse control is low, but that’s no excuse, I should be more aware of my flaws) and I definitely overreacted. I’m a huge nerd and I tend to take what people say about things I like too personal. It was incredibly childish of me.
            It wasn’t you and I sincerely apologize, and even if it had been you I shouldn’t have acted the way I did.
            Once again, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be annoying or take up any your time. I really love, it’s my third favourite website (spill being nr 1) and it was astonishingly stupid of me to spread such bad energy in the comment section as if it was on youtube where everyone doesn’t have any barriers. This site really is too good for that kind of stuff.

  4. I’m so glad to hear Eyes Without a Face being mentioned for the Criterion question. Brian actually recommended that to me when I asked him a question about older horror films way back when before OoU, and that is without a doubt my favorite horror film of all time. So yeah. That movie is brilliant and thank you Brian for that (and Richard for bringing it up).

  5. I was surprised, and maybe just a little bit refreshed, that we got a Rudolph review that didn’t point out its datedness or the fact that the characters are treated like dirt until they are of use. It’s true, but it’s also a worn out argument.

  6. my favorite behind the scenes gossip was what went down with boardwalk empire in regards to michael pitt. jimmy and his family were supposed to go to new york, but michael pitt was always late or forgetting lines and costing the production a ton of money on reshoots etc. so they decided to end his storyline. he was pissed about it and got into fights with everyone, even going as far as to punch william forsythe in the face when they were shooting the second season finale.

    michael pitt is one of my favorites, but a couple of years ago i was even told to avoid him because he “needed to grow up.” either way, i hope you’ve seen “rob the mob”, brian. it’s right up your alley.

  7. I lol’d so hard that Step Up 6 is the pick of the week. Not hating, though… nothing wrong with popcorn fun movies.

  8. Yeah… That Hobbit bit was one of the most unconvincing, arrogant, and discomforting displays of negativism I’ve ever heard. Seriously, Richard just condescendingly listed off the events of the movie then used that (for all I could guess) as a basis for the claim the movie has no structure. There was vitriol about Legolas just being there, which makes total sense if you stop to think that he didn’t exist as a character when The Hobbit was written, then he did later on, was made Thranduil’s son, and would have been with his father in his damn home at the time of these events! There were claims the movie is joyless and lifeless without any arguments as to why, and even personal attacks at Peter Jackson, which lost all validity at the point when they became personal, and was only made worse with the line about Lincoln being what he should aspire to. No one should aspire to Lincoln, its a slow, boring, overly melodramatic circle jerk of Abraham, It’s only slightly better than War Horse in my mind because it at least holds its hamfisted constant reverence for a human instead of a damn horse. I stopped listening after that. I’ll go to Fox News if I want a wave of unexplained hate and negativism shoved down my throat. I couldn’t even make it to the talk about the extended edition, assuming you guys mentioned any thing about it at all. When your first 20 minutes of a podcast leave nothing but a bad sour taste in my mouth, there’s no way in hell ill stick around for another hour and a half. Honestly, the only insight I learned from this specific podcast was to steer totally clear of this show absent Chris, for it is just unpleasant.

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