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Digital Noise Episode 67: Couchbreed

In this episode of Digital Noise, Brian and Chris travel to Midian! Sort of. They call Chris’ couch Midian.

In any event, they review a spate of new Blu-ray and DVD titles that include the latest season of Mad Men, the new director’s cut of Nightbreed, and behind the curtains at the world of circus sideshows. Gooble and gobble and whatnot.

Plus, they give away a Blu-ray copy of Begin Again, the new film from the director of Once.

Tune in, turn on, crank up the noise!

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Mad Men Season 7 Bluray Review   Nightbreed Directors Cut Bluray Review   The Prince Bluray Review

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Bound By Flesh DVD Review   Beneth DVD Review   Life of Crime DVD Review

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Cartoon Network Holiday Collection DVD Review   Wish I Was Here Bluray Review   Begin Again Bluray Review

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