Animated Anarchy: Toy Story 4 and Pixar’s Decline

Hello everybody and welcome back to Animated Anarchy, where Animation Domination doesn’t just apply to Fox’s now abandoned Sunday Broadcasting block.

We all love Pixar. Even people who say they hate the studio will admit to liking one of their masterpieces like The Incredibles or Ratatouille. Last decade was the studio’s golden era beating out competitors of Disney and Dreamworks nearly every single year. But as the later studios have been climbing back into our hearts with their own franchises, the once ever-creative Pixar has fallen into a slump. And there is no better way to twist the public’s trust by trying to wring out some dollars from what many people consider to be the greatest film trilogy ever.


The only two entities who think improving on perfect trilogies are Disney and Peter Jackson

And the gang was just two days from retirement! The only people who approve of this are Disney and Peter Jackson.


The reaction to Toy Story 4’s announcement wasn’t: “Oh, I can’t wait to see Woody and Buzz in the others get in more adventures!” It was more akin to: “Why the hell is Pixar doing this?! You had the perfect ending, you don’t need to ruin the franchise!”

John Lasseter, Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer, has been quoted saying that: “We only make sequels when we have a story that’s as good as or better than the original.” And for Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, you can directly see how that mantra is true. Both movies were a natural evolution from the source, changing the themes of toy ownership from playing with toys, to collecting, to outgrowing them. I’d even say that Toy Story 3 is the best out of all of them for completing the story in such an emotional, incredible way. At the same time, no one counts out the quality of originals which will still stand as classics for all ages. This decision to make an additional movie reeks of executive meddling and it makes the recent Toy Story shorts come off as ways to test the waters than heartfelt spin-offs.

Pixar has stated that Toy Story 4 is going to center around a “female-empowering love story” with a screenplay tackled by comedian Rashida Jones. There’s potential to the idea of focusing on a love story with Jessie the Cowgirl and Buzz Lightyear, but I don’t see it as a full movie. Not to mention the other potential love interest, Bo Peep, was completely cut from the 3rd movie. The idea of capitalizing on this fulfilling and wonderfully crafted story is pure arrogance.

It reminds me of how J.J. Abrams wanted his rebooted Star Trek sequel to be a remake of Wrath of Khan. Sure, you can retread any story you want…but do you actually think you can do a better job than what many geeks consider to be one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time?


There’s a reason why Abrams didn’t admit it was Khan until the movie actually came out…


Critics and similar geeks have been curious about Pixar’s quality since the company’s acquisition by Disney in 2006, but it’s never had to be scrutinized until this decade. Disney has also pressed Pixar to create the sequel Finding Dory for a 2016 release, which did not have the fervor of Toy Story 4’s announcement, but still led to some questioning. At this point, it’s hard to tell what Pixar values more between quality or profit as their last three films have shown.

Look at all those toys!

Look at all those toys!

Cars 2 is the black mark of Pixar’s spotless track record. The first film was a genuine hit with kids, even though it was treading a familiar story line. Cars 2 from the beginning of production to the film’s release received nothing more than deserved criticism. They decided to completely focus around the obnoxious Mater (voiced by Larry-That-Cable-Guy-Whose-Still-Around) but also hashed up a familiar tale about spies and espionage that is surprisingly common in children’s animation. It isn’t funny, it doesn’t do anything clever, and it has story-beats you can see from miles away. Even though the franchise is Lasseter’s baby, this film is the billboard “shameless sequel.”

“Brave” aka “How to Manipulate and Poison Your Village!”


Brave wasn’t a very good follow-up to people’s wavering faith in the studio. Although it has many fans for the breathtaking animation and concentrating on a mother-daughter relationship, I genuinely did not enjoy the movie. The story was shockingly cliché and lacked Pixar’s standard for having an immersive world or realistic characters. Even if you are a fan of the movie, the production issues were quite noticeable as the themes about tradition and bonding get immediately solved when the plot shifts. Little girls might consider Merida a positive role model, but she is easily one of the weakest Disney Princesses for her motives and attitude.

Imagine the controversy if Sully seduced a woman in a Darth Vader suit...

Imagine the controversy if Sully seduced a woman in a Darth Vader suit…

Monsters University is probably the most successful recent project made by Pixar so far. Even though I personally hated the ending that many people respect the movie for, it did show you can make an entertaining story out of prequel. However, the film doesn’t really hold up to Lasseter’s statement about making a sequel because a good, original idea came to the studio. If you boil it down, the movie is mostly a knockoff of Animal House or Revenge of the Nerds.

It’s an unnecessary prequel, but many still found it to be a pleasant experience and it has one genuinely fantastic scene in the climax with the Pixar magic we all know and love. Still, no one puts Monsters University with any of the studio’s classics or critical heavyweights like Up or WALL-E. I don’t believe it even holds a candle to the original.

We’re at a point where Pixar’s most staunch defenders are starting to question the studio’s once insurmountable quality. Toy Story 4‘s announcement has simply caused more skepticism. The biggest fear is that this new sequel will be another Cars 2, and it’ll confirm all of our worries of what the company has become. Thankfully, not all hope is lost.


Here’s the only thing we got so far, kids!

We do have two Pixar movies on the horizon that are brand spanking-new properties. One of which is The Good Dinosaur, a film that has been in production since 2009. Sadly it has already changed directors from Bob Peterson (The director of Up) to Peter Sohn (The director of the short “Partly Cloudy”). Although the film has an expected release date for next year’s Thanksgiving, there hasn’t been any marketing or advertising for the film. That’s pretty worrisome considering the team that’s making the movie.

The other film as many of already know is Inside Out, scheduled for June 19th, 2015. In the middle of all these mediocre quality, Inside Out is a plant that sprouted from a boot full of dirt. It has impeccable casting and brings anthropomorphism to emotions in a cute, unique way. You can take this concept in a number of great directions. Plus, the trailer really shows the amount of potential there.


That’s the key word there: potential. I thought Brave had a lot of potential, but it was absolutely wasted. I can see where this is going, but I’m trying to wrap my mind around making emotions like Disgust and Fear into really likeable characters. There are a lot of different dimensions you can go in with the varied emotions, but I fear that Pixar might go too broadly in order to not offend anyone or break away from the premise. After all, this video is only a teaser and spent most of the time being a retrospective of the studio.

What’s once made me immediately excited for every animated film has now left me unsure with where Pixar is going. Toy Story 4 could be phenomenal if I set my expectations low. In fact, many people want to connect this fourth movie to the Andy’s Mom theory from Toy Story 2. Frankly, it’s bizarre they didn’t tap The Incredibles for sequel, as the film ends openly and it’s the most commonly demanded sequel by fans. Inside Out is Pixar’s best chance to earn back the good graces they have lost. A lot can be done within three years, but as geeks, we must prepare ourselves for the worst.


Dreamworks had to make two new franchises to make up for this AND it got a 4th Movie!

Dreamworks had to make two new franchises to make up for this AND it got a 4th Movie!


Thanks again for reading Animated Anarchy. Although this article is all about Pixar films, you may see a full write-up of any one of these movies coming soon or see their names appear in another blog. Tell me your thoughts on Pixar’s current status or upcoming projects!


536 thoughts on “Animated Anarchy: Toy Story 4 and Pixar’s Decline”

  1. I never loved Ratatouille like most people did. I really liked it for sure, but it was never as memorable as the other Pixar films.

  2. They have tapped The incredibles 2. Also yeah I haven’t looked forward to a pixar project for a while now

  3. My thoughts exactly, Scott. Cars 2 was the turning point, and while Brave and Monsters U weren’t as bad as Cars 2 they weren’t anything special either. At least not Pixar special.

    And there’ve been so many sequels announced recently it’s hard to keep track of which are confirmed and which are speculation. But Toy Story 4 is one sequel that people not onyl aren’t excited for but simply don’t want to see.

    Since Toy Story 3 people have been wondering what a fourth installment might be like. My line has always been that even if the movie is a great and worthy followup, I still don’t want it. It doesn’t matter what they do with it, a fourth Toy Story isn’t necessary.

  4. Cars 2 is still the only Pixar movie I have not seen completely, I started it out of completionist sake but fell asleep because it was so boring and I don’t plan on finishing it. I feel the same way about Toy Story 4 as Toy Story 3 ended perfectly and really wrapped up Andy’s involvement with his toys. It seems like all the innovation has shifted in recent years from Pixar to Disney Animation Studios with such recent gems as Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, and Big Hero Six. However, I’m still holding out the foolish hope for an Incredibles sequel.

  5. Once Toy Story started making TV specials, that was the end of the movie franchise for me. They’re perfectly nice little tales but heading down the road that How to Train your Dragon took by going to TV. Its not special anymore.
    And whilst I commend them for keeping the CGI up at movie levels, why spend money on a cinema ticket to see something that’s now available on the small screen for nothing?

  6. Not only has The Incredibles been tapped for a sequel, but Cars has also sadly been tapped for a second sequel…

  7. Jean-François Martel

    it’s really fascinating how divisive Brave is as a movie. It really is a “Love it or hate it” because i love it and can’t bring myself to understand what people dislike about it, but for some people they hate it and can’t understand what people like about it and it seems to always be either one side or the other, there were very few people who fell in the middle. It weird when a work of art (movie, music, etc) does that.

    1. Unlike Cars 2, Brave had a lot of hype and excitement behind it for the gorgeous animation and “epic” feel. But it was definitely more of a shock to hardcore Pixar fans for the reasons I mentioned of being surprisingly simple, straight-forward, and borrowing plot/character motivations from several other animated movies. Most of the people I know who love the movie, were really emotionally attached to Merida and Elinor’s relationship. Not so much for me. I may do a full review of it soon in a retrospective I’m planning.

      But I get where you are coming from. The more you get involved with geeky culture you notice how divisive people are with their tastes. Just see the opinions on films from 2012, 2013, and 2014 alone.

  8. Brave is divisive; sure I can totally understand why some people like it( My classmate said she loved the accents and Scottish feel), but I thought it was the second-worst Pixar film, after the monstrous Cars 2. It’s characters are unfinished and confusing. And the mother-daughter relationship thing is just weirdly forced down our throats.

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