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World of UScast: Wayward Podcast Episode 13: Ears and Balls

While Toshi and Sarah are anxiously awaiting the start of the 10th season of Supernatural, they sit down to talk about things going on in their lives in Japan. From talks of online creeps to the topic of natural disasters in Japan, and a trip to Tokyo Disneyland; join us for the ride, why don’t you?

Note: Pardon the brief munching noises at the beginning – Toshi was hungry.

From the podcast: English translations for the Japanese dub translations for Let it Go:

The new-fallen snow erases my footprints.
In a world of white, I am all alone.
The wind whispers in my heart.
It says, “things can’t be this way.”

I was confused, I was hurt.
I suffered, unable to tell anyone.
I’m through with that.

I’ll show myself as I really am.
I’ll become the real me.
I’m not scared.
Blow, wind, blow.
I’m not cold at all.

All my worries seem like a dream,
because I’m free now. I can do anything.
I want to see how far I can go.
Yes, something’s going to change: It’s me.

I’ll ride the wind as I am.
I’ll leap forward as I am.
I’ll never cry again.

I want to shine like a flowing crystal of ice that coldly envelops the earth and flies high, bearing its soul.
I’ve made my decision.

This is as it should be. I like myself.
This is as it should be. I believe in myself.
Bathed in light, I step forward
I’m not cold at all.


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