World of UScast: The British Bodcast: Episode XII


Episode XII – A rather subdued podcast as Kia and Duke recover from two weekends of comics cons.

They talk about the awesome looking Death Of Superman Lives documentary which will pull back on the often mocked Tim Burton adaption of the Man Of Steel from the late 1990s.

Duke and Kia celebrate that is going have one of their reviews used as a snippet on the back of a comic book (And Then Emily Was Gone – go check it out).

Kia shares her frustration with UK comic book shops who all conspired against her to stock a certain volume of a comic she has started reading

Duke and Kia share their wager for this week’s Fantasy Football in which they are playing each other.

The Brits are still very happy to answer any questions or discuss anything relationship related so if you want to email them, it’s

Don’t forget to visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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629 thoughts on “World of UScast: The British Bodcast: Episode XII”

  1. Jolly good show! I don’t really understand American football, it seems more like the focus of the games is more on the ‘party’ side of it than the actual sport, from what I’ve heard. Plus, that whole culture they have in the States around it is kinda disturbing, especially in the small towns. That’s not to say that over here’s perfect though or anything, what with the rampant racism etc. in football (soccer) culture here. The only sport I could get into really, I think, is basketball, but NBA games are so hard to be able to watch over here.

    1. It’s basically violent chess. We adore it and there is some very pretty plays. I highly recommend Inside The Locker podcast if you aren’t already listening to it. They cover NFL and NBA.

      1. I think I would enjoy listening to Inside the Locker, but because I can’t watch NBA, since I don’t know how, I feel like the stuff covered in the show would be lost on me, if you see what I mean.

        Anyway, unrelated, but here’s a fun sports fact: during the World Cup more than 1000 (might have been close to 2000 actually) people in England were forbidden from leaving the country due to hooliganism.

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