Welcome to Springfield 26×4: Treehouse of Horror XXV

Story 1: Bart and Lisa are sent to hell after reading some ancient writing on a desk. Bart discovers he likes hell’s version of school better than Springfield Elementary and excels as a student.

Story 2: A re-telling of A Clockwork Orange where Moe is the leader of Homer, Lenny and Carl. After Homer falls for Marg,e the gang breaks up, but reunites in old age after Moe is assaulted by younger hooligans.

Story 3: The Simpsons are haunted by the ghosts of the Tracy Ullman era versions of themselves. Ullman Marge seduces Homer, leading current Marge to kill herself and become a ghost to compete. Soon the entire family follows suit and they learn to get along with their former selves.

The opening is like the beginning of the end. It doesn’t fit with the theme of the episode, and if that isn’t bad enough, Kang and Kodos, the two required figures for a Halloween episode, are utilized in voice only.

Story 1 was probably the best out of the whole thing. I felt like it was the perfect warm-up to this year’s Treehouse of Horror. It’s fully developed, there is some conflict, the jokes are clever, and the hell school is full of fun designs. This is probably the best of the three, which is a shame because it’s supposed to be the opening act. Score:4.0/5.0


Story 2: I try to be fair but one thing you need to know about me is that I can’t stand when something relies solely on references. This episode does just that. It’s one thing to be a parody of A Clockwork Orange, but it throws around Kubrick references with no real plot. Every year, this episode is supposed to be a free license to do whatever they’d like with the show, and this was the best they could come up with? Score: 1.0/5.0


Story 3: The last story and the one with the most anticipation surrounding it. A minor complaint on my part; wouldn’t an alternate dimension have made more sense? The story is disappointing. The Simpsons meet their previous selves but all we see is Marge competing with ghost Marge for the affections of Homer. The rest of the segment feels thrown together. Bart and Lisa kill themselves for no real reason, Dr.Marvin Monroe’s appearance served no real purpose, and the end is a segue into showing off all the different versions of The Simpsons. Score 2.0/5.0


I’m Andrew Semkow and Welcome to Springfield.
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