Welcome to Springfield 26×3: Super Franchise Me

The plug is pulled on Homer’s meat freezer and Marge makes sandwiches out of all the meat she manages to save. After they become a hit, Marge is told to invest in her own sandwich shop, leading her to join forces with a popular franchise. After losing employees, the shop turns around when the family starts working there. Things are looking up until an express version of the same shop opens across from Marge’s.


Realizing she’s been scammed, Marge gets advice from Moe on how to get out of her contract. Heeding this guidance, Homer (in disguise) takes an injury to the crotch from Bart and sues the franchise, resulting in the family’s release from their contract.

Three episodes in and we get our first “Meh” of the season. The set-up is hard to believe since (a.) Homer is a glutton and him storing food is hard to believe; and (b). The running gag about Homer and Ned is that Ned is too much of a push over to ask for things back.


If there’s one major complaint I have about the Simpsons as a whole these days, it’s that everyone is a caricature. When Marge hires Shauna, she proves to be so one dimensional that it’s annoying. This character had her own episode way back when, but the writers disregarded all the personality she had in her appearances since then.

Another problem with this episode is that it’s Marge whose getting scammed. Sure Homer could be conned, and Bart and Grandpa are likely targets as well. But Marge is the sensible one, she’s the center of the family and is supposed to know better than this. The ending is a cop-out, Marge would never go to Moe’s no matter how low she sank. And while I’m happy to see Moe giving advice again, it’s the kind that this caricature of Moe would give.


As a reviewer, I always watch an episode twice: once to watch and once to analyze. This episode was difficult to watch again. Even the episode’s use of The ecstasy of gold couldn’t save it and I love that song. I wouldn’t classify this episode as bad, just not worth watching again.

Final Score: 2.5/5.0
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