Welcome to Springfield 1×13: Some Enchanted Evening

After the morning rush, Marge feels unappreciated. Calling in to Dr. Marvin Monroe’s radio show, she is told to put her foot down and tell Homer if he doesn’t change, she’s leaving. At work, Homer hears this all over the radio. Later at the bar, Homer gets advice from Moe (of all people) and sets out to have a romantic evening with Marge. Homer has everything planned out, except for a babysitter. The one he eventually finds just so happens to be the infamous babysitter bandit terrorizing the local area.

Homer and Marge hit the town, enjoying exquisite food, dancing, and a luxurious bed. After discovering the truth about their chaperone, Bart and Lisa try to stop her but get tied up. After Maggie frees them, they knock the babysitter out and call the authorities. Calling to check up on the kids, Marge finds no dial tone at the house, prompting her and Homer to head home.


When they arrive, they discover the babysitter tied up. After Homer unties her, she leaves just as police arrive and inform him of who she was. In bed, Homer’s upset about his stupidity until Marge reminds him the children were able to stop her. Seeing her smile, he embraces her and the turn off the light.

Again, Dr. Marvin Monroe plays an unintentional antagonist. It seems like that was going to be his role on the show. First, he fills Homer’s head with ideas about how his family should be and now he’s telling Marge about how awful her husband is. I’m sad we never saw him fill Bart and Lisa’s heads with ideas about family. On the other hand, Moe doling out advice to Homer is one of the things I miss about him. Before he became an over-the-top madman, he was a bartender with a little anger problem and a piece of good advice once in a while.


When Homer sees Marge, there’s a simplicity to their reconciliation: no monologue or great speech, just understanding. That’s one of the great things about Homer and Marge through the first season. They have their own language only they understand.

Now for the bad part of the.show. As much as I’d like to give this episode a higher rating, around act 2&3 it falls apart, I really don’t care about Homer and Marge’s night out because nothing happens on their date that keeps me interested.

On the positive side again, the babysitter story used to scare me as a kid. When you’re young and your parents go out, you don’t always know your babysitters. Being left alone with someone to whom your parents have granted total control is scary, especially if they’re a mean person, so it’s a relatable story.


One of the great things about The Simpsons was that episodes would use different genres other than just comedy. In this episode, it’s a thriller that borders on the edge of horror movie. As much as I liked those elements, I just didn’t find the episode that great. If it hadn’t been for the boring night out storyline it could have been a much more interesting entry.

Final Score: 3.5/5.0

W00 hoo! Season 1 is done. That’s a major book mark. Read on next week when I’ll be doing two classics and a new one. Also, be sure to check out near the end of the month when I review the latest Treehouse of Horror, as well as the first.

Until then, I’m Andrew Semkow and Welcome to Springfield.
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