Welcome to Springfield 01×12: Krusty Gets Busted

Krusty is on trial for robbing the Kwik-E-Mart and everyone believes he’s guilty. Everyone except Bart, that is. Begging Lisa for help, the two investigate and start to discover evidence that Krusty may be innocent. Meanwhile, Sideshow Bob has taken over the show and made it a much more educational show, but are his motives that innocent? NOPE!



Bart and Lisa visit the show during their investigation, which leads Bart to the realization that it was Sideshow Bob who framed Krusty. After some police intervention, Krusty is out of jail and Bart is the hero.


This episode articulates the feeling young children have for their idols. When you’re a kid, they’re more important to you than teachers, parents, even religious figures. You wear clothing with their likenesses, watch them on a regular basis, and dress up like them for Halloween sometimes. Bart says he bases his life on Krusty’s teachings as though he was a figure like Buddha or Jesus. This isn’t  just about Bart proving that Krusty’s innocent, it’s him proving his faith. Even after Krusty’s arrest, Bart sits in his room surrounded by Krusty merchandise and playing with his doll like he’s questioning his faith.

Speaking of faith, when Reverend Lovejoy decides to hold a public burning of Krusty merchandise, it’s a good reminder of how quick some religious figures are to cash in on tragedy. The trial has yet to happen, so there’s been no verdict of innocent or guilty, yet he condemns Krusty right away in an effort to boost his own status. The guy selling merchandise to burn is another person trying to cash in.

A nice little feature is that viewers who pay close attention can figure out Krusty was innocent well before the reveal that it was Sideshow Bob. It may seem just like a crime episode, but I always like when they make it possible for viewers to figure it out based on on-screen clues.

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For those of you who don’t know, at one point during the development of the show, Krusty was going to be Homer’s alter ego. Every time I watch this episode I think about this and wonder how different this episode would have been if this was how Bart found out Krusty was his dad and that he was now under arrest.

Bart and Lisa working together as detectives is one of my favourite moments of the episode. They remain Lisa the brain and Bart the heart but they work because when Lisa wants to give up, Bart has the faith when no one else does. Just don’t expect their investigative skills to land them on season 2 of True Detective.


This marks Sideshow Bob’s second appearance and first speaking role, he is voice by Kelsey Grammer. Sideshow Bob is an interesting character, he’s a man of great intelligence who spent his career behind a slide whistle and getting shot out of a cannon. So while his motives for framing Krusty may be obvious, it’s the journey with his character that makes it all the sweeter when he is caught.

Krusty Gets Busted is a legacy episode. It has Kelsey Grammer as a guest star, a well written crime episode,the introduction of Bart’s enemy in future seasons, and it was directed by Brad Bird who later went on to do The Iron Giant, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Ratatouille, and of course, The Incredibles.

Final Score: 4.5/5.o

All right, down to five hundred forty. After reviewing the new episode and the Family Guy special, it’s like I’m a reviewing mad man right now. My name is Andrew Semkow and Welcome to Springfield.

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