Somebody Likes It Ep 12 – Ty Segall: “Manipulator”

I have a hard time navigating my day if I have more than 2 or three things to accomplish in an afternoon. I do best when I have an entire morning to decide whether it’s gonna be a t-shirt or polo shirt day. So when I read about this Ty Segall motherfucker putting out like 20 albums in the last 5 years, I kind of wanted to punch him in the face. Not just because of his feverish work ethic, but because nobody that puts out that many songs in such a short period of time can possibly write any songs worth a damn (editor note: except Robert Pollard).

But then I listened to “Manipulator”, and I have to say I was wrong. I mean the man did take 14 months (I originally typed 14 years, which really would be the opposite of what I’m getting all worked about here) to get this one done, so there’s that, but I went back and listened to some of his earlier stuff, and it’s good too. So now I want to punch the motherfucker in the face for a whole other reason.

Well we talked it all out in the garage, really hugged it all out cause everybody seems to LOOOOOOVE Ty Segall. I took the opportunity to be a bit of a crank, but for the most part all was well with the world.

This week we start including our new segment “A Few Minutes With” as an intermission in the middle of the show. For those of you unfamiliar with the new segment, it’s essentially the same idea as the “BIG SHOW”, except we take a single song and talk about it for 10 minutes. Usually with a video so we work in discussion of that too. This week we kick it off with Richard Shatner’s AMAZING rendition of “Rocket Man”


Ok, that’s it for now. Next we listen to Vampire Weekend’s eponymous debut. I like that one too. See you in the funny pages (somebody please tell me what that means)…



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