Somebody Likes It Ep 15 – Air Miami: “Me Me Me”

Air Miami! Before Kevin brought this one up it had long ago been pushed to the sidelines in my brain. I love/hate it when we bring up stuff that directly puts us in a musical paradigm. I just feel as though music (if it’s worth a goddamn) isn’t the sole provenance of the young… There are 12 year olds out there wearing The Smiths and The Doors shirts; 12 year olds that still have crushes on Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Frank Sinatra. But there are bands that are so of their era that, while they were making great music, are so of their moment that they completely date anyone referencing them (Velocity Girl anyone?).

Air Miami is one of those. I had never listened to their fey/twee, simple yet gorgeous songs. They paved the way for the (in my opinion) much better fey/twee songwriting of Belle and Sebastian/The Cardigans/The Shins… but they, in an “only could have happened in the 1990s” way, combined a convergence of irony and syrupy that made complete sense at the time.



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