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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Judge

Robert Downey Jr is a big-city defense attorney who doesn’t care if his clients are innocent or not. When his estranged father, a former long-sitting judge played by Robert Duvall, gets indicted for murder and it looks like he may have actually done it, Downey has to re-check his moral centers, loathing for his small home town, and hatred for his father, and force him to accept his son’s experienced legal defense (before the fumblings of small-time lawyer Dax Shephard get him the death penalty or something).

It’s the beginnings of Oscar season and the Unusual Suspects are hip to that vibe, but may have a bit of J’ACCUSE! to throw at this David Dobkin directed delivery system for your mother’s tears. Chris, Beau, Elliot, and new-fish Michael slam down their gavels on The Judge.

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