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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Kill the Messenger’

Jeremy Renner plays Gary Webb, the journalist who first cracked the egg on the whole CIA-Contras-Crack Cocaine dealie. Renner leads a talented cast of ‘blink and you’ll miss ’em’ actors like Oliver Platt, Michael Sheen, and Andy Garcia, but you do get a bit more Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and we think that’s never a bad thing.

Kill the Messenger is practically a cautionary tale to journalists, which makes sense since why else would Hollywood be allowed to make a movie about how the CIA was funding the crack epidemic in America? Poor Gary got his life taken apart and the Unusual Suspects are here to tell you how we felt about that, and how director Michael Cuesta’s version of the story holds up. Listen to Chris, Beau and Will for your ultimate experience in truth in movie journalism. Or truthiness anyway.

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