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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Dracula Untold’

So there’s this guy, and his name is Dracula.

Yeah, no I’ve heard this story.

No way, it’s totally untold! For example, did you know the connection between he and Vlad the Impaler?!

Umm yeah, that’s kind of common knowledge.

Ok, well…did you know about the bat punch powers?

…go on.



Yes, no matter how many times you may have heard the origin story of Count Dracula, Dracula Untold is here to fill you in on those bits that, well, you’ve already largely been told. Luke Evans stars as Drac as he defends the people of, based on the accents, Britishvania against the invading Turks.

Would Brian, Chris, and the new guy Michael be able to sink their fangs happily into this romantic action epic or will the continued cinematic Dracula feeding frenzy leave them with a fang-over? No, these Highly Suspect puns don’t stop there.

Warning: Review May Contain Spoilers!

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