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Digital Noise Episode 65: Any Witch Way You Can

Brian and Richard step into the Digi-booth this week to discuss a small selection of titles of vastly differing sorts. They do some Witching & Bitching, go after Whitey, and enjoy a Last Supper. Brian also teases Richard for being British while Richard audibly contemplates murdering Brian. So, you know, your basic episode.

The two also host a TV bundle giveaway that will turn your head, but won’t have you turning the channel. Lock your doors, turn out the lights, and creep out the entire household by cranking up the Digital Noise!

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Witching and Bitching DVD Review   Locked In DVD Review   Whitey Bluray Review

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Lamb of God As The Palaces Burn DVD Review   Venus in Furs DVD Review   The Last Supper Bluray Review

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Kingpin Bluray Review

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1) Follow @oneofusnet on Twitter

2) Tweet at us with what marginally supernatural, or kiddie supernatural entity you’d like to see get the dark horror film treatment and who would direct said film.

3) Add #AfterFleshGiveaway

4) We’ll select our favorite answer and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).

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