Digital Noise Episode 64: Watch, Record, Repeat


Chris and Brian take to the couch once more, as they have done many many times before. In fact, it’s starting to feel a little like deja view. The guys review Live Die Repeat (aka Edge of Tomorrow, aka All You Need Is Kill), Brian spits vitriol at Seth MacFarlane, a number of documentaries are discussed, and all horror this week is relegated to the small screen.

As a special bonus, Martin Thomas comes around the Digi Domicile to help Chris review Arrow Season 2.

All this plus an Edge of Tomorrow giveaway! Plus, we have an Edge of Tomorrow giveaway!


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759 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 64: Watch, Record, Repeat”

  1. Austin/Chubblicious

    Great show guys! I was wondering what you guys thought about the ending of Edge of Tomorrow? I won’t say anything to spoil it but I loved the entire movie but thought the ending was really bad, even after seeing it the second time I thought the ending was incredibly cheep.
    And Chris, I saw the first few episodes of Arrow and did not enjoy it at all, but everyone says the second season is much better. Is it worth watching the rest of the first season, or could I skip it and head straight into the second?

    1. You can certainly skip it if you want; the entirety of the first episode of Arrow Season two is “previously, on Arrow Season one”.

  2. Great episode. In regards to 1941, I think the problem with that movie is that it spends to much time focusing on the horny teens, instead of the stuff that’s actually funny. There are some great gags, and scenes in 1941, but far to often the parts that work the most are pushed to the sidelines.

  3. On my shelf, my copy of EDGE OF TOMORROW has the LIVE, DIE, REPEAT part of the title blacked out by me with permanent marker. Why? Because fuck Warner Bros, that’s why. Stick with a damn title. Yes, it flopped, but it’s a great movie anyway. Get over it.

  4. I was glad to hear you guys enjoyed the second season of Arrow. I love that the second season was so good. It looked at what worked and what didn’t work in the first season, made the necessary adjustments and moved forward. I love that! Also that Suicide Squad episode was a lot of fun.

    I’m actually hooked on the third season and really loving The Flash, too!

    It’s always great when Martin and Chris sound like they’re having fun. It’s infectious!

    1. That’s because every time we record together we are actually having a great time. I do miss being able to record regularly with him, to be sure.

  5. Jean-François Martel

    I really wanted to watch arrow when it first started because i kept hearing about a bunch of great fucking guest stars they brought in like John Barrowman, Alex Kingston, Seth Gabel, Summer Glau and i recently learned Caity Lotz is in the show (or was i guess?) and i always love Katie Cassidy in anything she’s in, but i can’t because they have Colton Haynes as a regular and i just can’t stand this racist, blackface wearing asshole and i just can’t bring myself to support anything he’s in. It’s the main reason i still refuse to watch Teen Wolf (even though he’s not on it anymore, but if i start watching it i’ll have to watch the first seasons)

    1. I didn’t even know about the blackface thing (I actively avoid celebrity scandal stuff usually; I only used to hear about it because of Korey and Tony). What a douchey douche douche. Also, he’s a douche.

  6. Funny story: so I was pretty drunk on my way home when I listened to this podcast and couldn’t get over how much Brian suddenly sounded like Martin. It took me forever to figure out that it actually was Martin.

    1. Right now it’s by the time we all get done with all the stuff we have crowding our plates we’ll find time to record another one. Hopefully soon.

  7. Hey Chris and Brian! I hope you read this. There was this danish or swedish movie that you guys covered for a remote viewing on spill a while back. It was about some aristocracy or monarchy or noble family or something. I was watching the (Norwegian) Headhunters and I remembered that you guys had a few european foreign films that were highly interesting.

      1. Oh I found it! It was ‘A Royal Affair’, a 2012 Danish film starring Mads Mikkelsen. You guys definitely covered it.

  8. Don’t think Chris or Brian really understand libertarianism. Corporations are enabled by the government, it’s a special type of business that usually benefits from the government. The government can’t inhibit something it enables. Now that’s not the same as to say businesses are enabled by the government as corporations (at least in the eyes of the government) are a subsection of businesses, not synonymous with businesses.

    Furthermore, while it’s sad that these people in Michigan lost their jobs, why don’t you guys apply this blame/logic consistently? Why aren’t you horrible people for buying the slightly cheaper product than the more expensive? I mean do you want the people who made the slightly more expensive product to starve, lose their jobs? If that’s not wrong why is it wrong when businesses do it, after all they are simply consumers of labor.

    1. As to the cheaper product argument, I don’t even know where to start. Consumer single choices (based not always on the cheaper price but sometimes on quality, which is how it should be) don’t even come close to comparing to a corporation shutting down an entire city to save money; the moral differential is humungous. I actually find it somewhat laughable to suggest otherwise.

      Second, if you’re really arguing that the companies in question would have ceased their horrific and unfair work practices during the industrial revolution without government interference, then I call into question your understanding of the history of companies doing such things (which is few and far between). We understand libertarianism, we just think it’s naive to believe that large corporations ever consider what’s the right thing to do (for the environment, workers, region located) over the almighty dollar and we have a problem with that.

      1. I don’t necessarily agree that it’s not in effect different. After all if enough people don’t buy a certain thing, there’s no reason to sell it and if there’s no reason to sell it, there’s no reason to employ people to make it, so it the exact same, since you don’t know how many people are dependent on that business you didn’t patronize. After all are you not depriving the producers of a more expensive item of money by not buying their stuff? You are. Again, the same appeals to emotion apply against them, you don’t want their families to suffer do you, Chris? You don’t want them to lose their homes? I’m obviously not actually accusing you of these things but if you can opt for the lowest price without condemnation and the results could be the same for the producer of the thing you didn’t buy, on what basis do you then condemn these people and not come off as a hypocrite?
        The fact that you find it laughable is not an argument, I find your hypocrisy in this regard laughable to. (not trying to be overly hostile here, but it is factually hypocrisy)

        Regarding businesses supposed inability to do the right thing independent of government: By this line of reasoning there should be no wage paid by a private company that’s above the absolute legal minimum. There wouldn’t have been the removal of kids from hazardous working environment (you can look this up, the law regarding this came in after the vast majority of kids were long gone from the labor market). None of these things that happened could have happened if what you describe is true.

        And I’ll grant that libertarianism like any political ideology can be a loaded term, but it’s most commonly used by people who oppose corporations and the state given benefits of corporations. Again corporations are special class of business given special power and privileges. Hell, Limited Liability, which allows head of companies to be blameless when their company is found out to bad things because by the state’s own definition they’re a separate entity.
        I’ve listened to you for a fair while, Chris, at least 5 years now on and off and no, I don’t think I’ve ever heard to describe libertarians or libertarianism in anything resembling what I believe.
        Again political terms are muddled, not denying that, but it’s very clear it’s not that libertarians venerate corporations just because they’re corporations as you like to say. It’s also interesting to note that regarding pollution, the US is one of the biggest polluter in the world, frequently excludes itself from it’s own environmental policies, so I’m not seeing this in any as a solution to pollution.

        1. It really isn’t hypocrisy. You’re trying to force an analogy that doesn’t even vaguely work because of proportion. My decision to buy or not buy an item is not a single decision on which the creators of said item keep their jobs or not, as opposed to GM in Flint. It’s nonsense to suggest otherwise.

          As to the wage above minimum, that’s all about demand. A company wanting qualified workers are competing with each other (and the decisions of workers to pursue that line of work in the first place) HAS to offer competitive wages. And obviously I have read about the removal of kids from hazardous working environments. Where’s the link that shows that all the industrial labor companies decided by themselves to save the children before the government forced them to? I’ve never seen it.

          I’m sure you haven’t heard me describe libertarianism as what you believe because if what you’re telling me is what you believe, I don’t agree with it at all and it’s exactly what I’ve been saying about the political ideology. As someone who thinks the politics of it are indeed naive, it’s not the same thing as me saying “libertarians venerate corporations just because they are corporations” as you accuse me of; something I’ve certainly never said. I think government involvement with some issues has been incredibly ham-handed, but I don’t think that equals=the government should stay out of it entirely either. I think libertarians started out wanting freedom from personal choice restrictions on a more individual level and the movement got taken over by Ayn Rand’s gobstoppingly selfish ideals involving economic corporatism, which, by the way, share many of their polemics with Anton la Vey’s Satanic Church. Not that that fact is important, but it always made me laugh.

          Do I rail against libertarianism because of the weapon it’s been turned into to give more freedoms against restrictions for corporations? Absolutely. It’s a very dangerous thing and too much leeway has been given as it is to these companies. You say the US is the biggest polluter in the world and you know why? It’s not social services dumping toxic chemicals into rivers, it’s corporations, without fail, taking advantage of a very corrupt glad-handing, old boys system that agrees to regularly look the other way and slowly sneaks in through congressional mis-direction (ie: attached riders to bills, more often than not) further erosion of government rules concerning them put there in the first place to protect people. Your own point about pollution only adds to mine, not the other way around. Graft and corruption paid for by the lobbyists for corporate interests are why we’re belching chemicals out of every plant into the ground and the sky. Now how is that an argument for even MORE relaxed regulations against them, as opposed to more strictly enforced ones?

          1. No I’m sorry it is. How is it a forced analogy? You bemoan the business in Flint for taking action that resulted in people losing their jobs, yet you are capable of the same thing, even as a single consumer. But since you’re a reviewer, there’s a greater argument to be made, since I cannot count how many times your review of a movie prevented me from seeing it. That fact coupled with the fact that I’m far from the only person to ever listen to your reviews, really does demonstrate the inconsistency here as how many people did not get employed or get to remain employed because I and other people listening to you didn’t go see a particular movie and thereby didn’t fund whatever company we would’ve funded? It’s naive to think it’s never happened just because you’re aren’t a business that directly employs people like those guys in Flint.

            Even without you being a reviewer, it’s hypocrisy, you being a reviewer only makes the analogy more clearer, not that you ever tackled it, just asserted it wasn’t valid. I’m sorry but it’s factual that you’re decision to not buy a product can be the straw that broke the camel’s back and then caused the unemployment of the people producing the stuff you didn’t buy, kind of like what they did at Flint but somehow, inexplicably, different…I guess.

            And yeah, I agree, it’s demand. What the function is called is irrelevant of the businesses “doing the right thing” because they rely on people in more ways than one to run a business. So the market rate for labor IS what I’m talking about and it IS an implicit refutation or at least a factual counter-argument to your assertion that businesses are incapable of doing the right thing. And no, businesses most definitely don’t have to offer above the minimum wage IF what you said about businesses was in any way true. IF it was as you describe there isn’t any reason to go above the legal minimum wage as companies it’s “naive” to think they’d do this on their own accord, simply doesn’t hold water. I’m sorry, there’s clear disconnect here, either corporations or businesses don’t care about what’s right or they have to, you can’t have it both ways, Chris.

            Also regarding the child labor participation rate:
            The first law regarding child labor that actually stuck was introduced in 1938 and even it didn’t prevent all kids from working. When people and societies become wealthier, the need to have every single member of the family work is reduced and so we see with the industrial revolution and child labor.

            Well I don’t what else you call people who want to have something be able to do anything without repercussions. That’s what you said in the episode at around 30:50. Certainly does imply veneration. At least it implies support, which isn’t there from libertarians. Again, corporations are a function of the state, this is factual. It’s a special class of business given advantages and special legal protections by the state. And no, all of your criticisms I ever heard of you about libertarianism, including episode has been a misrepresentation. Because libertarians do not support corporations, they support an actual free market, where companies aren’t given state benefits while others are not.

            And Ayn Rand wasn’t even a libertarian by her own admission. Sure there are overlapping ideas but to suggest that Ayn Rand is in anyway integral or even central to libertarianism is just advertising your ignorance.

            How are people who are against corporations and for a free market, for a function of the government which props up businesses at the expense of the taxpayer compatible with free market ideology?

            And I’m sorry Chris but your so called solution is just more of the same and by your very argument, wouldn’t work. I mean why would this “old boys system” stop with more government or other governmental solutions? The whole problem is that they bribe and lobby the government, you really think they won’t do that if there’s more government response to this problem.

            And no, the US government is the biggest polluter. I did say the US, but did mean the US government. I mean they intentionally use uranium rods for ammunition in Afghanistan and Iraq. Causing sometimes Chernobyl style mutations in the kids born there.

            And really, even if it was just the US that was biggest polluter, how is that an argument for governmental regulation when it’s happening under their noses to begin with? I just don’t think you fully understand the implications of your arguments here. So no, my point can’t add to your argument since even going by it on face value, your preferred solution is in effect and failing by your own argument.

            And again Chris, how is more government going to fix the problem with people bribing and lobbying the government. So it’s so easy to bribe that they’ll become confused and go home dejected? I think you’re genuinely a smart guy, but these arguments are just self destructive, I’m sorry.

            Lastly I don’t oppose regulation, I just want competition in regulation. The problem with a monopoly on regulation is that it’s..well a monopoly. There’s no reason to do a better than average job, they’re guaranteed an income regardless. And it must certainly makes it easier to bribe the regulators when people can’t opt for another regulator.

            You’re solution is seemingly just more of the same and you even seem to realize it on some level or at least that comes across in your argumentation.

            1. I’ve never heard someone so dedicated to a bad analogy. I’m sorry, I’m not going to ‘argument clinic’ here with you INSISTING that you have some sort of point when it’s mind-blowing to me how you just don’t see the difference. I’ve already explained myself and you keep hammering the same ol’ rhetoric. And show me where it says the US government is the biggest cause of pollution in the world. Your solution to the problem is, well, the government isn’t successfully keeping companies from polluting, so fuck it, just let them do whatever they want. Or, hey graft is rampant in congress…OH WELL. No, it takes much more attention paid to these issues and a public angrily DEMANDING change. It’s the only way things have ever gotten done in a democracy. Certainly apathy and saying, ‘maybe these companies that are largely the source of many of these problems will police themselves’ is much, much worse.

              1. Then by all means demonstrate how it’s a bad analogy. I’m sorry but both scenarios entail an action taken that results in people losing their jobs. If someone doesn’t pay the labor costs, there are no jobs and if no one buys the thing a business makes, there are no jobs, how is this a bad analogy? It’s made even more evident by the fact that you’re reviewer, are you seriously saying that it’s impossible that through your words you’ve denied someone employment because you didn’t give the director that was going to hire that someone a good rating on his last movie and thereby it didn’t do well enough to warrant hiring that person?. Is this really so far fetched for you? If so you’re just fooling yourself.

                And no, you didn’t explain yourself any manner that wasn’t easily refutable, just reasserting that you did explain yourself is not an argument to my counter-arguments.

                And no, I’m not for companies doing whatever they want, never said that. Just because there isn’t a state regulatory agency doesn’t mean there can’t be regulation. You can look at Underwriter’s Laboratories for example of private regulatory business.

                And speaking of solutions, your solution, is by your own argument, the problem, which is government. I mean you go on about how government has inherent cronyism tendencies and to fix that you propose more government. In no way does that makes sense. How is the “old boys club” restricted from bribing politicians given that we implement whatever you want to implement?

                And of course you yet again misrepresent my position and the libertarian position. I never said businesses will police themselves, the fact is that if there is a choice in regulators (not in what they regulate, but who regulates) there isn’t the blatant moral dilemma with having a monopoly on regulation. So now your “old boys club” can’t just bribe the only regulator in town because there are competing regulators who all have it in their interest to rat out the others as that brings credence to their business. But no, some vague platitudes regarding democracy will surely solve the problem….

                1. Your analogy starts from the point of view of a completely straw man argument: that I’m saying that anything that hurts employees because the company shuts down that employs them is bad. I am NOT saying that. What I am firmly saying is that the action taken by the company purely for MORE money, when the employees were performing their jobs more than adequately is completely reasonable. That’s a decision motivated not by desperation to survive, but greed. I am also not against capitalism, I’m against unregulated capitalism. To which, I mean: companies putting out superior products deserve to be rewarded by more sales. My job as a critic is to help the consumer make those decisions (and make them laugh along the way). If that ends up with employees losing their jobs because the company goes under, well, guess what: still the fault of the company, which in this case is because they insist on making a product not of quality. How is this MAJOR difference confusing? Your analogy doesn’t function whatsoever.

                  There is a history in our government of parts becoming corrupt, and then being sternly whisked out by new decision makers. History bears that this course of action is worth repeating. I have failed to find any information bearing out your claims that libertarians don’t just want to do away with regulations with the intent of policing themselves (in fact, I found just the opposite). Please provide links so I can at least see what you’re referring to.
                  And I think you’ve confused using the word and meaning of “Democracy” in an argument and ‘vague platitudes’ as you blithely put it.

                  1. I’m sorry but you can listen to your own podcast, you must certainly did say that the government should be involved to prevent things like this from happening, i.e. to dictate to businesses how they spend their money legally. It’s right there, Chris….
                    And all actions taken by companies is in pursuit of money, this is silly.
                    And the point was not that the employees are performing well enough, that’s just something you’re now inventing. No. it was clearly the fact that they decided to not buy labor from these people anymore that you condemned them for, the same result that’s happened many times because of your job as reviewer AND as a consumer. You have no consistency here and it’s glaringly obvious when you start to try and change the point of contention like this AND ignoring your own words in your own show.
                    And god, Chris, how is opting for the superior product not denying the producers of the inferior product money? You know money, that’s used to employ people, the very thing you condemned the business in Flint so heavily for not doing.

                    So when it’s you doing the depriving of money, it’s ok, but when the business in Flint does it it’s bad? Yeah I’m really seeing how this is isn’t analogous at all….
                    It only gets more obvious the more you try and dig your way out this hole.

                    And of course they never became corrupt again. But of course that ignores my argument. How is it better to have single agency, which everyone is forced to abide by, by law, better in terms of removing corruption than many different competing companies?
                    With a single monopoly, lobbyists’ work is made that much easier because A) there’s no one to undercut or outperform the monopoly and B) Any stuff they bribe politicians to do, will now effect you regardless because again there’s a monopoly.
                    Yeah remember when I hammered in the fact that Libertarianism, as well as any political ideology, is a loaded term. You can find “libertarians” arguing for communism, that doesn’t mean anything towards my libertarianism. And there’s no linking to refute that, that’s patently obvious. I mean what would I do, quote you every person that describes themselves as libertarian?

                    How did I misuse the word democracy, maybe give me some hints? I mean if you’re referring to a republic, that’s based on democratic principles.
                    And I’m not a native English speaker but, no my use of the word platitude seems to be right on.

                    1. Ok, now you’re trying to manipulate what I actually said and I’ve lost all interest in talking with you. I will not tolerate conversations with someone trying to twist my words, OBVIOUSLY trying to twist my words, to the agenda they’re trying to sell. Done.

                    2. That would only demonstrate your ignorance of the ad hominem fallacy. Their status as logic teacher wouldn’t give them any more validity to their arguments than mine.

                    3. Really? I’m sorry but it’s right there on the podcast. Around the 30 min mark you make the implication that these things should have a legal limit of some sort. So yeah, totally twisting your words there, Chris, totally you got me…..

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