Digital Noise Episode 63: Cold Danish for Breakfast


Brian returns to the DN lineup just in time for the horror well to run dry! This week, C&B get Brave and Bold discussing Batman, Sergio Leone, John Favreau and Joe Lansdale. They also tackle a goodly amount of TV including Grimm, The 100, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They also look for ghosts in shells and explain how not to make a movie in a suicide forest.

But as if that weren’t enough, and seriously this is a mammoth episode as it stands, Chris goes so far as to giveaway a Blu-ray from his personal collection! Stop what your doin’, cause we’re about to ruin…umm…your boredom? Crank up dat noise!

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Chef Bluray Review   Hellion DVD Review   Cold in July Bluray Review

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The Rover Bluray Review   Delivery Beast Within DVD Review   Ghost in the Shell Bluray Review

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Batman Brave and Bold Season 2 Bluray Review   The 100 Season 1 Bluray Review   Brooklyn Nine Nine DVD Review

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Grimm Season 3 Bluray Review   Firestorm Bluray Review   We Are The Best Bluray Review

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Once Upon a Time in America Bluray Review   Grave Halloween DVD Review   Space Station 76 DVD Review

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Audrey Hepburn Collection Bluray Review


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474 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 63: Cold Danish for Breakfast”

  1. Roger Corman made a horror anthology called Tales of Terror.
    I have not seen it, but I will before October is over.

  2. Brian, I’ve come to the conclusion that anime is like vegetables. There are going be lots that aren’t going to strike your fancy, but there will be those that are worth your while.

    Having said that, you are dead on regarding anime and exposition. Most of the exposition in anime feel like dialog from silver age comics.

      1. If I can, Mr. Chris I shall try to explain to the best of my ability about Anime: Brian, try not to think of Anime as a genre, but rather as a medium (like a Motion Picture, a Television program, a comic book, a piece of Literature, etc.) with various types of Genres; Like these mediums, there’s Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Drama, shows for kids, for teenagers, for boys, for girls, based on plays, based on video games, based on legends and myths, based on books (and I don’t mean manga either), even ones based on real events (Grave of the Fireflies, anyone?). There’s something for everyone & shouldn’t be brushed off as ‘just for kids’ but can be enjoyed by adults the same way Chris enjoys watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender” “Justice League Unlimited” and how I still enjoy watching both “Batman TAS” & “Superman TAS”.

        1. I have never once brushed off anime as being “just for kids.” In fact, if I had kids, I wouldn’t allow them to watch a good amount of the anime I’ve seen (Miyazaki being the exception of course). And I’m well aware that it’s a medium, but the problem I have is that across multiple genres, the Japanese animation I’ve seen has shared the common trait of being spectacular visual explorations of metaphor without much in the way of concrete narrative, or in some cases way too much narrative that is attempted to be conveyed to the audience via dizzying extended exposition conversations that end up superseding dialogue that would otherwise build character. I appreciate your efforts, but you’re defending against arguments I’ve never made.

  3. Jean-François Martel

    i so completely agree about Cold in July… UGH SUCH. A. GOOD. MOVIE!! Like, i am a HUGE fan of Stake Land, but yeah i agree, Cold in July just is great and greater. Sorry, i’m not making much sense.

  4. chris, please give animal kingdom one more shot. i didn’t like it much after the first viewing either, but now it’s in my top 5 and i watch it twice a year. it really is a greek tragedy of sorts. much better than the rover, but then again, i didn’t like the hesher at all so maybe it just comes down to taste.

  5. Ghost in the Shell is like Lynch’s Dune, or Bakshi’s Lord of the rings. Drop dead gorgeous visuals, pretty actuate to the source material, makes no sense at all to those that haven’t read the source material.
    I have read the original manga, I enjoy the movie, but the TV show is so much better at story telling, voice acting, and a more interesting… Protagonist

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