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Digital Noise Episode 63: Cold Danish for Breakfast

Brian returns to the DN lineup just in time for the horror well to run dry! This week, C&B get Brave and Bold discussing Batman, Sergio Leone, John Favreau and Joe Lansdale. They also tackle a goodly amount of TV including Grimm, The 100, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They also look for ghosts in shells and explain how not to make a movie in a suicide forest.

But as if that weren’t enough, and seriously this is a mammoth episode as it stands, Chris goes so far as to giveaway a Blu-ray from his personal collection! Stop what your doin’, cause we’re about to ruin…umm…your boredom? Crank up dat noise!

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Chef Bluray Review   Hellion DVD Review   Cold in July Bluray Review

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The Rover Bluray Review   Delivery Beast Within DVD Review   Ghost in the Shell Bluray Review

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Batman Brave and Bold Season 2 Bluray Review   The 100 Season 1 Bluray Review   Brooklyn Nine Nine DVD Review

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Grimm Season 3 Bluray Review   Firestorm Bluray Review   We Are The Best Bluray Review

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Once Upon a Time in America Bluray Review   Grave Halloween DVD Review   Space Station 76 DVD Review

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Audrey Hepburn Collection Bluray Review


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4) We’ll select our favorite answer and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).

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