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‘The Legend of Korra’ Season 4 Trailer Reaction

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Set to premiere on October 3, The Legend of Korra’s fourth and final season will tell the last story of Avatar Korra. With the show struggling to maintain a viewership on television, the most recent season will only be able to be viewed via and the Nick app.

The first official trailer for Season 4 has been released, and it focuses on a number of various changes to the series.


Taking place three years after the events of Season 3, all of the primary characters have noticeably aged, especially Korra. Sporting a shorter haircut and looking tired and beaten down, Korra no longer looks like the young naïve teenager from the earlier seasons. Now 20 years-old, Korra seems to have overcome her sickness and looks hardened from her previous adventures.

Like the last two seasons, Korra and her friends’ latest mission spans the globe, taking them to places first seen in original series as well. With the return of Republic City also comes the second appearance of a beloved location from Avatar: The Last Airbender, the ancient and mysterious swamp where Avatar Aang first glimpsed Toph Bei-Fong in a vision. Funny enough, it seems that Toph will also play a role in Korra’s journey to restore balance to the world. As viewers know, Toph has been missing for decades, and seems to have been living a life of seclusion.


Perhaps the most interesting part of the trailer is the focus on Kuvira, a minor character from Season 3. Voiced by Zelda Williams, the daughter of the late Robin Williams, Kuvira is a member of Suyin Bei-Fong’s elite guardsmen. Tasked with protecting the metal city of Zaofu, Kuvira fought against the Red Lotus and their leader, Zaheer. Along with several other metal benders, Kuvira took part in the operation to rescue the newly trained airbending initiates, and even saved the life of Korra’s father, Tonraq. It has been rumored that Kuvira would play a much larger role in the last season of the Legend of Korra, and her increased presence in this most recent trailer is obvious. More importantly, Kuvira is made to look like this season’s newest antagonist. Leading and army of metal benders, earth benders and advanced versions of the Equalist mecha-tanks first seen in Season 1, Kuvira seems to have betrayed her former allies. Whether she’s allied with the Red Lotus or serving her own interests is unknown, but it looks as if she will be at odds with Korra and the rest of Team Avatar.

Excited for the final season of The Legend of Korra? What are your thoughts on the new viewing model that Nick is using for the show? Let us know in the comments below!
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