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‘Supergirl’ Television Series is Happening

In a medium dominated by costume-clad heroes saving the world, there seems to be so few female-led superhero projects being made. Yes, there are a number of fantastic comics featuring superheroines, but hardly any of them are receiving their own solo films or television shows.





Well, in Warner Brothers/DC’s efforts to expand their growing number of superhero themed television shows, Supergirl is the latest project to get the green light.


Reportedly said to be an hour long drama on CBS, the series will focus on the cousin of Superman, Kara-Zor-El, who escaped the destruction of Krypton years ago in much the same way as Kal-El did. Upon arriving on Earth, and meeting her now fully grown cousin, Kara has been keeping her powerful abilities hidden from the general public. However, now 24, Kara believes that with the steadily growing number of supervillains and world disasters on the rise, she must embrace her powers to protect her adopted home world.


My experience with Supergirl as a character in the comics is limited, but I fondly remember her portrayal in Bruce’s Timm’s Superman, Batman and Justice League animated shows. In much the same way as described in CBS’s version, Supergirl arrives on Earth in the animated universe, and is surprised to learn that her once younger cousin is now older than her. The teenage Kryptonian would eventually don a cape and protect Metropolis and the rest of the world from likes of Lex Luthor and Brainiac. One of my favorite Batman: The Animated Series episodes to feature Supergirl, has her spending a “girls’ night out” with Barbara Gordon, who protected the streets of Gotham as Batgirl.


If I have one concern about this project, it’s the show’s producer, Greg Berlanti. As many comic book fans know, Berlanti’s work on a number of DC properties has raised a few eyebrows. Penning the screenplay to 2011’s Green Lantern, and being the head writer for critically panned shows such as No Ordinary Family, Berlanti’s track record is anything but spotless. Yes, his success with Arrow has received some positive reviews from fans and critics, but even that particular project can’t seem to escape the aura of mediocrity that surrounds it. In any case, Supergirl will be Berlanti’s third superhero themed television series. Berlanti’s other show, The Flash, is set to premiere later this fall.

Despite Berlanti’s presence, I’m still excited for Supergirl. If anything, it gives a notable DC hero a chance to shine on a live-action series.

What about you reader? Excited for Supergirl? Concerned? Let us know in the comments below!
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