Somebody Likes It Ep 8 – Hole: “Live Through This”

Few court controversy like Courtney Love.

Whether we’re talking about her fiery role as Mrs. Kurt Cobain, her occasionally (and reputedly) laissez-faire turn as maternal figure, or, perhaps, her grunge-to-glam trajectory as lyricist and lead singer of the band Hole, Courtney and company lit a twisted fuse of stardom, baggage and frayed anger on Live Through This that seems to stalk her to this day.

Though we can’t help but wonder…is all the praise surrounding this release, well…warranted? Buckle in for some spirited chatter in our latest episode of Somebody Likes It.


EXPERIENCE the magic as we discover how a jar of Rodney Dangerfield’s sweat (kept, posthumously, and refrigerated by his wife) is like the Declaration of Independence (or not).

RELISH the fervor with which Shane shakes an angry fist at this record, whereupon he suggests that screeching is too kind a word, really, to use when describing Courtney Love’s pipes.

HEAR some Dad jokes that are both A) terrible and B) groan-worthy, and discover how Orlando bogarts your street cred.

We’ve liberated ourselves from the garage this week and are recording in the air conditioned nirvana (see what I did there) of my living room, which means that I can no longer account for the sweat lodge atmosphere to sweat away the beers I down during taping. Somehow we’ll persevere, though. Chalice in hand.

It’s Hole’s Live Through This. You can call Courtney Love many things (do it in person and she’ll return the favor), but you can’t call her dull. Find out why this week!



PS: Next week, a double shot of shenanigans! We premiere a new (if occasional) feature called “A Few Minutes With” where we spend a few minutes with a specific song that Somebody Likes. We’ll share a whole show full of them this time. And saddle up for our first foray into country with Hank Williams Jr’s ‘High Notes.’ This includes — and I am not making this up — an un-ironic cover of the Beatles’ ‘Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown).’ You’ve been warned.


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