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Infestation: Fantastic Fest 2014 Part 3

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Our final barrage of reviews from the best film festival in the world, Fantastic Fest, is here, and we’ve got a whole lot of movies to talk about…


Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a crime reporter in L.A. with the help of Rene Russo and finds it’s just as sleazy as you’d imagine



Salma Hayek fights off the Yakuza with a great deal of success in one room in director Joe Lynch’s crazy action film.


Antonio Banderas plays an insurance adjuster in the future who is tracking robots who are breaking their ingrained rules of not being allowed to self-repair, only to find that they want to LIVE!


This documentary follows the story of 2000 AD, the crazy British comic that not only spawned Judge Dread, but was the stable of talent that Vertigo Comics got a lot of its big names from.



The director of The Myth of the American Sleepover brings you a very different type of movie, this horror where an unnameable shape-shifting creature slowly but inexorably follows you until it gets ya…unless you pass on the ‘tag’ by having sex first. One of the big hits of the fest.


This meta ‘remake’ of the 70’s slasher tells basically the same story of killings in Texarkana only presuming the original film exists in its universe and the town gathers for regular viewings of it.


One of the most insane movies we saw this year, Tokyo Tribe is a colorfully crazy Japanese hip-hopera filled with sexploitation, giant kung-fu gang battles, massive gore, a neon tank, and more.


The studio that brought you no end of schlock from the 70s-90s, the Cannon Film Group, had an unbelievable story of greed and ham-fisted business practices that led to us getting films like Superman IV and America 3000 but also Lifeforce and Ninja III: The Domination.


A man escapes way too much stress in his life by running off to Italy where he falls in love with a beautiful woman…who’s also a unique kind of monster. Can they make the relationship work?


A Belgian slasher film about a cub scout troop out in the woods who have to deal with an elaborate trap-making serial killer and his feral child.


One of our favorite films from SXSW returns, now playing in theaters across the country, The Guest is the new film from the director/writing team behind You’re Next and is even better than that little gem. A soldier comes back from war and meets the family of his best friend who was killed overseas, who takes him in only to find out he’s a bit on the deranged side.

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