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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘A Walk Among The Tombstones’

It was a dark night, the kind that affords only the most hopeless glints of pale moonlight. The theater hummed with the raw anticipation of impending bloodshed. Liam Neesons entered frame like an ancient wraith with murder in his eyes and a false New York accent dancing off his

J.C. and Brian, duly appointed representatives of The Unusual Suspects, stood waiting for the first bullet to be fired, and Neesons did not disappoint. However, this was not the typical Neesons joint, in which he cuts swaths of devastation through the criminal underworld. A Walk Among the Tombstones was darker, more intense, with more shades of Fincher than remembrances of Taken.

The plot thickens, the review begins, let’s go for a walk.



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