Five and Out 072: Duos


Special guest alert! Dan joins Wes and Steve as we talk about Craigslist, PS4  desire, and our Top 5 Duos! Enjoy!



What are your Top 5 Duos? Let us know! E-mail us at!




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22 thoughts on “Five and Out 072: Duos”

  1. Thank you for reading mine.
    A. Milo was indeed the cat. To be fair I looked it up to be sure when I made my list.
    B. This is Ducky. (refer to photo) Cera was the triceratops.

    Calvin and Hobbes is the best duo! When I was a kid I would fall asleep reading their books. They taught me that imagination is one of the best things in life an should never be restricted or diminished. It makes you who you are.

    Now on to my top 5
    5. Gerry Boyle (Brendon Glesson) & Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) in The Guard
    When this movie was over I instantly wanted another adventure with these guys.
    4. Ratchet & Clank
    3. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully
    2. Han and Chewie… nuf said.
    1. Richard Gere and Hachi from Hachi A Dog’s Tale
    The reason I pick them is that they define what is most important about being a duo. Loyalty. There is a bond of friendship in this movie that is unmatched. And most importantly it’s based on a real story. I really recommend you guys watch this movie. It’s on Netflix. I do suggest you go into this cold. Not because there is some huge twist or anything… I just think the story will have that heavier of an impact that way.

  2. My duos :

    1) Asterix & Obelix
    2) Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson
    3) Simon Pegg Nick Frost
    4) Gomez & Morticia Addams
    5) Tintin and Captain Haddock

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