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Digital Noise Episode 61: The Cat/Matt Chat

Due to the non-stop nature of Fantastic Fest we stepped away this week from our regular programming you expect on Digital Noise. Instead, the show is split into two halves: first you get the lovely Catherine Burke O’Malley who joins Chris to talk about a few CW tv show seasons.

Next, Matt Frank joins Chris to discuss the latest round of Godzilla (and related Kaiju) films that have gotten Blu-ray releases, and even Chris has to admit some of these…pretty darn fun.

Next week we return to our standard format but we hope you enjoy our specialty episode!

Vampire Diaries Season 5   Originals Seasaon 1   Supernatural Season 9

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Godzilla 2000   Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla   Godzilla

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Rebirth of Mothra



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