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Digital Noise Episode 59: Of Sasquatch and Superheroes

We review the good, we review the bad, Brian makes bad puns and there you have…The Facts of Noise.

This week, both inter-dimensional iterations of Brian (i.e. Brian and Richard) sit down to discuss a small, but wildly diverse batch of titles. They divulge their warmest regards for The Winter Soldier, Willow Creek leaves them lost in the woods, and they find firm common ground Across 110th Street. Bundle all that up with a videogame-to-movie giveaway and it’s clear that when you tune in to Digital Noise, you’re playing with power!

Sorry, just watched The Wizard for the ninetieth time.

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Captain America Winter Soldier Bluray Review   Willow Creek Bluray Review   Across 110th Street Bluray Review

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Cotton Comes to Harlem Bluray Review   Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum Bluray Review   Night Moves DVD Reiew

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AVGN The Move DVD Review   Vengeance Is Mine Bluray Review   Heavenly Sword Bluray Review

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4) We’ll select favorite answers and contact those winners via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).




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