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The Die Cast: The Art of Diplomacy

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Diplomacy is the half century old game of being excessively cruel to other people in your living room, and there was no way the Die Cast crew was going to pass up that experience. On this week’s show, Jacob, Daniel, Tyler and Paul recount one of the best days of gaming they’ve ever experienced, a full eight hours of threats, showdowns, and friendships nearly ruined. Yes, this is Diplomacy!

Plus, listen as the crew talks about what they’ve been playing and the monetary risks of collecting that beautiful/evil X-Wing miniatures games. Double plus: Tyler pitches the crew Kickstarter projects in his new “Tyler’s Kickstarter Corner” segment, which is really just an excuse to be mean to Tyler.



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  • FromOogieWithLove


    • Jacob Hall

      Huzzah! An all-caps declaration! WE LOVE YOU TOO!

      • FromOogieWithLove

        Please do more play through episodes. Those episodes are 11’s. When you talk about games they are only 10’s. Thanks btw I now have gotten into table top gaming. Something I had never considered before your show! Play through munchkin or betrayal at house on the hill maybe????

  • Wodenson

    Ok, at the 3:49 mark, I got out of here. Maybe the next one will talk about games.

    • Jacob Hall

      You should have stuck around for the 70 minutes where we do talk about games. Or, you know, not be a douchebag commenter.

      • Wodenson

        Group jokes about your 13 listeners and teases them to stop listening. Someone takes them up on that and mentions it to them and gets this as a reply. That someone won’t have to worry about listening to you ever again, hope you have a nice life.

        • Jacob Hall

          Oh, you got me!

          But in all seriousness, did you really think you could march in here, proudly post about how you didn’t even listen to the entire episode and gave up on it and think you’d get a warm response from the guy who knows how hard everyone on the show works to make it happen? You won’t be missed.

          In other news, future episodes will feature the Wodenson Memorial Segment, where we go off topic and talk about Into the Storm.

          • Wodenson

            Nope, wasn’t expecting a response at all, much less a warm one. I hope you get to chalk this up as a lesson learned. The comment was criticism. Was it very constructive? Nope, not at all. Therein lies the key. Was it so bad or offensive that you had to reply? No there as well.

            So, if the comment is criticism, but not very constructive, but also not offensive or hateful, then the odds are against you coming out looking well or winning anyone over if you respond to the commenter. It is like trying to win over a heckler. The safe move here is to not respond.

            If the comment stings so much that you are having trouble stopping yourself from responding, then dig into the comment to try to determine what the critique is, again it likely won’t be very constructive so it can be hard to decipher. Lucky us, we have an example. I can’t predict your accuracy here, so I will provide the root of my criticism. Nearly 4 minutes in and you seemed more interested in discussing yourselves and other things than the board game or games. (While this is fine if you feel you are the stars of the show and people come to listen to anything you have to say, more or less .)

            Now that you have determined the root of the complaint, you can then determine if it even has merit, it may not. If it does, then take it into consideration and you will likely feel less compelled to need to reply but might reply with something thankful if at all. If it doesn’t and it is so off base as to be absurd, then best to just ignore that one and move along, sometimes people just don’t get what you are going for. If it doesn’t but you feel there has been a misunderstanding, then you may want to try to clear up what you think is being misunderstood, however, not replying is still a valid option here. If it doesn’t but it is not crazy and not a misunderstanding, then it could be them having a bad day or just different tastes or expectations, again best to not reply here.

            If you cannot determine the root of the complaint and feel like the commenter can be coerced into giving constructive feedback, then you can reply with something along the lines of thanks for giving us a try, I see you did not like it, but I can’t exactly tell what you didn’t like about it, could you please be more specific? If you cannot determine the root of the complaint and feel like the commenter will not have anything helpful to say, then the best course of action here would be to not reply.

            Take care.

          • Jacob Hall


          • Jacob Hall

            Look, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt: maybe you don’t know that the shows hosted at are personality-driven shows, where hosts frequently take left turns onto whatever topic is on their minds. If you want a podcast that stays on topic and, there are plenty of options out there! This show wasn’t your cup of tea? That’s okay!

            What’s not okay is marching into the comments section, proudly declaring your indifference to the content and acting high and mighty about it. I’ve written professionally for the internet for a long time now and normally I’m pretty good about avoiding comments sections altogether. But this site, and its community, are generally positive people. It’s smaller than many of the sites I’ve written for and I recognize a lot of the names that pop up.

            So yeah, I’m annoyed that you acted shitty on a site where I’m not used to people acting shitty. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was! Could I have responded more gracefully? Sure! Did your comment, which is, by your own admission in the treatise above, a non-comment that should have been ignored, deserve a graceful response? Nope!

            I’ve ignored worse and I’ll ignore worse in the future. But c’mon, man: show tact when you comment on people’s work. If you do that, people will respond with tact. And discussions can happen. By proudly posting that you didn’t make if through 4 minutes of an 80 minute show, you acted like a jerk and I responded in kind.

  • Thebrownhat1

    Love seeing a new episode, dread how empty is going to get when episodes come out more frequently. Death Angel and Diplomacy are currently being shipped to my house.

  • Mr_Plainview

    What? A new episode of The Die Cast, doth my ears deceive me?