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Public Axis #88: Bryan Powell

The Greatest Robots Ever! Old School Video Game Skills! The Library is People! Tap X to Public Axis with guest Bryan Powell!

Recorded at the Pubic Axis F-Stop on August 21st, 2014.

00:00 Welcome to the F-Stop!  This week, we welcome back comedian and gentleman extraordinaire Bryan Powell to the F-Stop! He’s a kind man who gives good gifts, rides motorcycles and watches True Blood with his mom. We also get down on some serious snacks from Australia and New Zealand -courtesy of Regan’s recent travels.

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24:29 Yeah, Imma Look Into Dat!  Topic #1: What/who is the greatest robot that was ever made? (Inspired by film, Automata, starring Antonio Banderas and directed by Gabe Ibáñez.)

45:14 Dad’s Corner(ed)! Topic #2: What was the first video game you were good at? (Larry’s kids have recently been introduced to Mario Kart and love it.)

1:05:57 Hey, That’s Not Funny! Topic #3: When’s the last time you went to the library? Do you think they’re truly useful? What’s the last thing you checked out? (Inspired by an article on the usefulness of the public library.)

1:26:58 What Did We Come to Know? Public Axis is an educational program and at the end, we always ask our guests and listeners, “What did you come to know?” Enlighten yourself.

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