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Letters From the Intern Dungeon: Our Master Wanted Coffee

Here at the Most Glorious Website of One Of Us, we like to think we run a tight ship and put out only the finest in web content. We do all of this all in service to you, the internet public, and to Brian and Chris, our supreme leaders born of heaven. Below, you’ll find a letter written by a member of the INTERN-Net that provides some insight into the great experience that is working with us.



Dear Internet (No pun intended I SWEAR),

I hope that you guys can relate to everyday work problems, because gosh damn it, One of Us can be an awesome work place. However, sometimes people make mistakes, and I want you to keep that in mind for the duration of my punishment.

Today, Master Salisbury Steak was very angry during the Ninja Turtles Review. So then he yelled down to the Dungeon of interns, “Somebody get me some pizza… AND SOME COFFEE WHILE YOU’RE AT IT!”

After that, we partook in an ancient ritual of ‘rock, paper, spock’. It was indeed a valiant battle, but I emerged victorious! Laughing condescendingly, I crawled out of the Dungeon, and hopped on my skateboard. On my way back… well, this reenactment can explain it better:


Master Salisbury was furious. So now he wants me to publish this article as punishment by humiliation. On the bright side, he said that we were getting fresh clean steel chains next week! It’s a good thing too, because these rusty ones were giving me tetanus. All hail the lords of One of Us! (I hope I get an extra penny in my non existent paycheck!)

But enough about we, let’s talk about Us! Few things beat a job that is full of terrible work, grating customers, hellish management, and absurd hours. However, it can be a blast recounting some horror stories from the job and commiserating with others. Are there any crappy days at the work place that you think is entertaining? The really good ones (real or fake) gets a high-five from the INTERN-net. So use those keyboards and discuss, and perhaps you’ll be ONE OF US!

We’ll be down in the Dungeon if you need us!

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