Digital Noise Episode 56: My Two Brians


You’re in for a treat, Digiphiles! This week, both inter-dimensional versions of Brian host a very special Digital Noise! What makes it so special? Is the gamut of crappy horror flicks the guys have to review? Is it the TMNT documentary that has Universe Prime Brian pining for his childhood? Or is it his very solemn apology to the Bronies? You’ll just have to listen and find out!

Also, tune in to hear how you could win one of our two giveaways this week. All in all, a damn fine show, DAMN FINE!

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Motel Hell Bluray Review   Proxy Bluray Review

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1) Follow @oneofusnet on Twitter

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659 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 56: My Two Brians”

  1. As the one person on the entire planet who actually found a lot to like about The Quiet Ones, I should say that the movie isn’t really found footage. There are scenes that are found footage, but the movie itself is not. It’s kind of like Sinister, (although far less entertaining) where the movie itself is traditional but there are scenes that are through the lens of the camera, which if I remember it right, actually did look like it was from a 70s character. Other than that, yeah you all were totally right about it, I just enjoyed the tone and tension of it a bit more than you guys did. Show’s awesome though, keep on doing awesome stuff!

  2. I just wanted to give Brian a hug when he apologized to the brony community. I might not be a a brony, but that might have been the most surprisingly heartwarming moment of any podcast on this site.

    1. I did, too. Brian explains his opinion well, as always, but I thought Hardy did a great job of making his character engaging throughout the film, even without appearing likable for a good portion of it. The dialogue and conversations build off of each other so well, that I really couldn’t wait to hear what would happen next or how Hardy would get his affairs in order before driving to his final destination. Also, Andrew Scott’s bit of levity were really great and needed. I got a LOT of suspense in seeing how his marriage would unravel.

      One of my favorite films of the year, so far.

  3. Jean-François Martel

    a lot of problem i have read people have with bronies is the misogyny. They have grown men invading a space meant for little girls and making it unsafe for them. Obviously it’s not all of them but enough that it got noticed.

    Brian nailed it pretty much.

  4. Jean-François Martel

    Y’know Brian, do you think you could give some Italian post apocalyptic recs please? I’m curious.

  5. I actually shouted “YES!” at the mention of Death to Smoochy. That film is genius. I don’t even think it’s on bluray.

  6. That was such a great show, I want to hear more about that bizzare movie about the matress. 😀

    Also, it’s cool that we all can enjoy what we have a fandom for, because we all know of at least one occasion where we were given crap for enjoying something others didn’t get. Having fandoms is all about personality, so it’s all good. 🙂
    (so long as people arn’t getting friggy-diggy about tv shows or movies, don’t do that)

  7. I guess until now I wasn’t welcome here? I wasn’t even aware of any brony hate on the website…well, Jason Murphy’s rant on The Original Gentlemen aside. I thought Brian’s apology was surprisingly genuine, when I read the description I thought it was a joke, and I appreciate the sentiment of the “A Brony Tale” segment. “My Little Pony” is honestly just another thing I’m into, along with movies, comic books, etc, and the community is fun to participate in (and filled with a bunch of genuinely sweet-hearted people). Thanks for the kind words.

    1. I never went out of my way to make anyone feel unwelcome, but I am guilty of lots of jokes at the expense of the Brony community. No more.

      1. That’s really sweet of you. And for the record, I’ve never felt unwelcome here. Not once. Keep up the great work, man!

  8. Great show, glad the universe didn’t explode (or maybe it did and was already replaced with something more bizarre…)

    1) I’m legitimately shocked that Brian hasn’t seen “Motel Hell” yet. It’s a shame that the ‘reveal’ was spoiled (a bit) for you but it is a hell of a fun movie. Already have it on DVD but seriously thinking about upgrading to BR. PS – Rory Calhoun walks on his hind legs!

    2) Re: TMNT… for a laugh, find a movie called “LETHAL Ladies: Return to Savage Beach”. Kevin Eastman has a bit part in it as ‘the tech guy’ for the team of super-agents. Why? His then-wife is the star Julie Strain. (also: Buff Bagwell!)

  9. It’s a very friendly day with One Of Us, as Chris (On The OG) talked about understanding Bronies and Brian does too. I heard this one is regarded as the better Brony documentary, so I want see it because you become so much more aware when you see fans in public. Kudos to you.

    Also, Brian and Richard have fantastic chemistry and this splice in alternate dimensions turned out to be really enjoyable. Any chance we could get all three of them on the same show?

    1. I totally agree, the day we have all three on the mics for a Digital Noise podcast will be a moment of unbound epicness.

  10. Definitely agreed with Richard on Locke – it’s a strange film but I found it interesting. I thought the Irish guy sounded just like Atlas in Bioshock

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