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Somebody Likes It Ep 2: Beastie Boys – “Paul’s Boutique”

Welcome back dear listener for another edition of “Somebody Likes It”, the show that every week takes a purposefully ambiguous concept and rambles in circles obscuring it even more.

The reviews are in from the first show and they are resoundingly MIXED! That right, some of you found our stories hilarious and some of you just wanted us to get to the point. I will say that I feel confident that as the weeks go on we’ll be pulling those two extremes together, right now we’re still figuring this stuff out. So there.

Ok, on to this week’s show. This week we’ll be discussing Paul’s Boutique, the record that set the stage for the second act of the Beastie Boys career. I think after the show we all walked away with a better understanding of why Ryan thinks the Beastie Boys are always yelling at him.

NEXT UP – Fleetwood Mac and their FM Radio Juggernaut “Rumors”.  Some people out there really like that record.

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